Best Ways to Get Someone out of Your Head

You may find yourself in a situation where you can't get the thoughts of a person out of your head. This someone could be your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend and no matter how hard you try, every time you find yourself failing. Sometimes, you may find their Facebook account and start scrutinizing their posts. And most of the time, you will find the urge to text or call them.

Constantly getting these thoughts could mean that you are experiencing love addiction or obsessive love disorder. Love addiction can be defined as the compulsive, obsessive, and high intense longing for a person, even when that person is toxic to you. Well, if you are experiencing love addiction, the content below about how to stop thinking about someone will be a great read for you.

Top Ways to Get over Thoughts of Someone

Your thoughts could distract you from getting the best out of yourself or cause unhappiness and worry. It is painful and hard to force yourself to stop thinking about someone special. Below are tips you can adopt on how to get someone off your mind.

1. Less said, more time

When dealing with a difficult situation like leaving your ex and constantly thinking of them, it is essential to talk less to them and let more time pass before you even think of them. Doing this will allow you to cool down and let things go. It is important to take the high road, and the things that you are annoyed with will fall away, thus helping you regain your peace.

2. Acknowledge your thoughts

Suppressing unwanted thoughts and replacing them with more positive ones will help you get over an obsession with someone. You should acknowledge your thoughts when they occur, accept the situation as it is and learn to let go. In such situations, you are your best weapon against the addiction disorder.

3. Remove all reminders

Removing all stuff that reminds you of your ex-lover sounds obvious, but you need to dispose of everything that brings their memories to you. You can either get rid of their stuff, sell it, or return everything to them. However, you should not get tempted to contact your ex-lover and ask if they should come and collect them. Worse still, you should not get tempted to do a face-to-face delivery of such stuff.

4. Follow the no contact rule

Even after breaking up with your loved one, life has to move on. Following the no contact rule, is one of the best ways you can move on with your life. Ensuring that you two have no contact with each other will work best for you. This includes not responding to their calls, messages or even emails. However, you can contact them if you have children together, and the well-being of these children is concerned.

5. Find someone else to think about

When dealing with how to stop thinking about someone, the best way to do so is by finding someone else to think about. You can do so by creating a distraction and becoming interested in other things or people; this should work out well for you.

6. Get into a rebound relationship

Whether you were dating this person, or they were your friend, your ex-relationship shouldn't matter to you anymore. One way to stop thinking about that person is to become involved (although not obsessively so) with another person. He or she may be a stopgap until you are truly over your original obsession, or who knows - this time it may be the real thing! This will help ease your pain.

7. Keep your mind active

If you are figuring out how to get someone out of your head, keeping busy with daily activities will keep thoughts about the other person at bay. You should try and remain occupied since giving into the obsessive thoughts will only stress you more. Instead of thinking about the person, try planning your future, setting your objectives, and working towards achieving your goals.

8. Visit new places or go on a vacation

To clear your mind, you can go out on vacation with friends and enjoy yourself while focusing on new things. After such vacations, you will feel better and relaxed since you have broken the stress cycle. Vacations can also help you interact with different people and cultures, all of which will help in getting over someone and stopping yourself from thinking about them.

9. Avoid romantic movies

If you recently broke up with someone and their thoughts still engulf your mind, it wouldn't be advisable to watch romantic movies or shows and listen to romantic songs. Doing that would stir locked emotions and lead to self-torture. Instead, you can watch fun films or wild sex movies. With that, your mind will be freed.

10. Don't be depressed

Depression is a medical condition that can affect the way you think or act. After a breakup, you may get depressed or even have low self-esteem. To avoid depression, you should exercise, watch your diet, and avoid stress. It is also good if you partake in activities you enjoy and those that will make you laugh.

The Final Word

In conclusion, to stop thinking about someone is difficult, but it's all about time. Remember the tips above on how to stop thinking about someone you like, and you will realize the facts. Let their memories fade and move on. Believe in yourself, and you will do it. After all, this person doesn't care about you anymore, why get stressed or depressed about them?

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