3 Care Package Ideas for Every Occasion

Caring for the ones you love is the best sign of affection. But, how to show appreciation to someone who's far away? I have a great idea for you. Why don't you send them a care package? You can send them to your friends, family, or partner. Here you can find some excellent care package ideas, along with the list of things to put in a care package for your loved ones. They can be all across the world, but you can always send them something to remind them that no distance can separate you. Let's see three types of care packages and what to put in them.

Care Package for College Students

If you have some colleagues who study abroad, there's nothing better than a care package full of supplies that every student needs. In every package, something sentimental should be included, along with practical things. Therefore, a box for a student should be full of, for example, cute things, but also medical or writing supplies. You should be imaginative and try to estimate what your colleague student really needs. Let's see what to put in a care package for them.

When they feel down or sick, they always need medicine or some items that can improve their mood. Don't buy anything specific, because it's always best not to experiment with medication.

  • Cold and flu medicine

  • Cough and nose drops

  • Their favorite tea

  • Vitamin pills

  • Microwavable soup

  • Cute fuzzy socks

  • Disinfecting wipes

  • Thermometer

  • Band-aids

For their finals week, they need both energy and materials. Buy something that will suit their needs because it depends on what they study. Apart from that, healthy snacks are very good for increasing focus.

  • Fidget spinner or something similar

  • Glass or aluminium water bottle

  • Healthy snacks, chocolate, and candy

  • Notecards and notebooks

  • Markers, highlighters, and colored pens

  • Sticky notes

  • Chewing gums

  • Incense burner and sticks

  • Calculator

Since there's usually no one to help them with cleaning, you can do that by sending them some ample cleaning supplies.

  • Detergent

  • Bigger and smaller towels

  • Razors, body shave

  • Scented body lotions

  • Toothpaste and toothbrushes

  • Q-tips

  • Sunscreen

  • Makeup remover

For the Elderly

You need to show your elderly that you love them because they can feel lonely from time to time. Sending the right care package is one way to show them that you think about them, even if you're not able to visit them. The only thing that's left is to decide what to put in it. Grandmothers and grandfathers are not usually much active, so maybe you should focus on entertaining them. Also, grandmas love to clean, so keep that in mind as well. Therefore, here are some great ideas.

Older people have no obligations, but there are ways to keep them entertained with games, puzzles, and similar things.

  • Crossword and sudoku puzzles, along with colorful pens

  • Adult coloring books and markers

  • A sewing kit

  • Interesting puzzles

  • Books, audiobooks, or magazines

  • Chessboard

  • A deck of cards or a favorite board game

No one is too old for comfy stuff or some decorations for their home and garden. Therefore, surprise your elderly with some everyday items that can show them how much you care.

  • A cute blanket

  • Fuzzy and comfy socks or slippers

  • A journal

  • Knitted scarf

  • A handmade sweater

  • Favorite book

  • Decorative plants or flowers

  • Flowerpot

  • Garden decorations

  • Plant seeds

  • Pillows

You can also buy self-care stuff for older people, like:

  • Lotions or aftershaves

  • Dry shampoo

  • Medications, vitamins, and minerals

  • Handmade soaps

  • Rose water

  • Body spray or roller

  • Foot and body scrubs

  • Toiletries

For Your Lover Who Is Far Away

A long-distance relationship can be challenging, and it's really difficult to show affection when someone is far away. But why don't you send them a care package full of love, by putting some very sentimental, but also practical and useful things, as well? You can even make some items and make them completely unique. It will remind your loved one that no matter how far you are, no distance can separate you.

If you're not able to celebrate together, you can always send them a present inside a care package. Here are some ideas:

  • A cup with your picture on it

  • Confetti or balloons

  • A heart-shaped chocolate

  • Travel size perfume or cologne

  • Plastic flowers (so they don't dwindle away)

  • Scented candles

  • Bath bombs

  • Breath mints

  • Jewelry with your initials

  • Gift card for takeout so you can have a virtual date together

  • A framed picture

  • A photo album with your favorite photos

  • Letters where you can write how much you love them

You probably travel a lot to see each other. Make that trip more comfortable to them.

  • Map marked with dream destinations

  • Luggage tag

  • Travel pillow

  • Passport holder with design patterns

  • Sleep mask

  • Cozy jacket

  • Travel-sized toiletries

  • Books or audiobooks

  • A Spotify subscription and earphones

  • A travel bag

There's always a time when someone needs some self-care items. You know your partner the best, so buy them something that they regularly use. That will remind them that you know them the best.

  • Face creams

  • Asian face masks

  • Body lotion

  • Body scrub

  • Nail polishes

  • Nail file

  • Tweezers

  • Manicure set

  • Pajamas

  • Concealer or other makeup products

  • A favorite aftershave


I hope these care package ideas will help you pick something for your loved ones. However, no matter what you put in the care package, the most important thing is to get them to know that you think about them all the time. Both sentimental and practical things are great presents, so try to include both of them. I would recommend putting everything from each list for students, partners, or the elderly.

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