How to Make Telling Your Parents About Your Boyfriend Easier

If you have strict parents, it can be really hard finding the courage to admit to them that you have a boyfriend. Reactions of our parents can be various, and sometimes we can't really predict how they will react to something like that. But you have to know that, sooner or later, you will have to tell them. After all, they are your parents, and you should tell them more about your life. As a result, they will trust you more. Let's talk about how to tell your parents about your boyfriend in the best possible way. I will give you five tips that will be helpful when you instigate the conversation.

How to Tell Your Parents You Have a Boyfriend

I know it won't be easy, but as time passes, it can become even harder to tell them. Your parents should know about your partner, and I believe that they will have lots of understanding because falling in love and entering a relationship is a normal thing. Remember these five tips when you talk with them because you will manage to avoid any possible complication, problem or argument.

1. Be calm all the time and don't argue

Young people always get offended easily when they talk with their parents and immediately start arguing. If you still live with them, they might even forbid you to do certain things, so you have to stay calm whatever they say to you. You will prove to them that you are mature and that you can take care of yourself well. Even if their reaction is not so great at first, don't try to yell, interrupt them or even insult them. Remember, whatever happens, you have to stay calm. Even if you have to take your leave and come back to talk to them again, you must never fly off the handle. When I argued with my parents, I always lost whatever I fought for, because it's usually how it goes. We have to respect our parents however strict they are sometimes. Anyway, they will respect you for deciding not to hide anything from them.

2. Prepare what you are going to say in advance

You can even write it down on a piece of paper and read it out loud. Make a clear plan and structure of your speech. It's best not to start with a sentence "I have a boyfriend." It's better to lead them into your story a bit, and then inform them about your relationship. How to tell your parents you have a boyfriend without a plan? You might, but it's not so wise. You might miss some important information, and they might not get your point. It's best to know what you are going to tell them. You can even bring your notes with you when you talk with your parents. It might show them that you've put a lot of effort and courage in approaching them and starting a conversation.

3. Prepare for their response and find the best way to tell them

You know your parents well, and you can guess what kind of reaction they might have when you tell them about your boyfriend. If you know that, for example, your father is very protective, you can tell him by talking about how sweet and caring your boyfriend is before telling him that you two are together. Try to think of every possible obstacle that might occur in your conversation and find a way to avoid them. Avoid touchy topics and try to tell them everything they actually want to hear. If there are some flaws about your boyfriend that might upset your parents, leave that for later. The most important thing is to actually tell them about him.

4. Find a suitable time to talk to them

Like I said, you know your parents the best, but everyone who is irritated and nervous is not the best person for conversation. How to tell your mom you have a boyfriend, for example, If she came back home from work furious? Even if you just want to get it over with and just tell them, don't make rash decisions. Waiting for the perfect moment is crucial and might totally change their reaction to your relationship. You can even wait for a few days and show them that you are happier than usual. They might actually assume that you fell in love. Even if you don't believe me, that's quite noticeable. Be patient, smile, and wait for the perfect moment.

5. Tell one of your parents first and ask for their help

Usually, one of the parents is more understanding than the other one. If that is the case, approach your mother or father, carefully admit to them that you have a boyfriend and seek their help. You can ask them to defend your arguments when you face your other parent, for example. Don't ask them to inform them instead of you, for that can seem immature and cowardly. You are a brave person and show them that you can solve problems on your own. But seeking support is normal, especially if you really think that the reaction of one of your parents might be harsh. You have to know that your parents love you no matter what, and they only care about you.


Telling your parents you have a boyfriend is not really that hard when you know how to do it. Like everything in life, it will have a much better outcome if you put more effort into it. Don't worry, prepare what you're going to say, take a deep breath and start a conversation. I think that eventually, they will realize that, no matter how young you are, relationships are natural and a normal part of everyone's lives, especially of the young ones. Don't avoid this conversation because they will probably find out anyway. It's better to show them that you are someone they can trust.

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