Nicknames for Bestie: 50 Great Names to Call Your Female Best Friend

Friends are the spice of life, the fresh air in your lungs, and the wind in your wings that lifts you. It's no wonder that President Woodrow Wilson called friendship "the only cement that will ever hold the world together." Calling such special people by the same regular old name everyone calls them by isn't enough – nicknames for friends set the relationships apart, letting them know how special they are to you and what you like about them the most.

50 Fun and Relevant Nicknames for Your Bestie

Great nicknames are based on some characteristic of the person the name is for, or on the nature of the relationship you have with them. We've put together 50 nicknames for your girl best friend to choose from – based on personality, appearance, and interests, as well as some cute and funny ones too.

Nicknames Based on Personality Traits

1. Sunshine – Loving and gentle, she will always brighten your day.

2. Bubbles – She's always cheerful and lifts your spirits like the bubbles in a Seltzer.

3. Black Widow – Gorgeous but deadly, don't get on her wrong side cause she can kick some serious ass.

4. Angel Heart – Her kindness and compassion have you convinced that she fell straight from heaven.

5. Diamond – So beautiful that she sparkles, but she's tougher than anyone else you know.

6. Queen Bee – Always in charge, this girl rules the hive.

7. Summer – She's as warm and refreshing as a summer's day.

8. Hot Sauce – She's the one with a fiery temper, but life would be bland and tasteless without her.

9. Care Bear – For that big-hearted, selfless friend who always puts everyone else before herself.

10. Xena – She's a true warrior princess who will fight for you any day, no questions asked.

11. Giggles – It doesn't take much to make her laugh; the smallest jokes send her into fits.

12. Espresso – This girl is energetic and energizing, like a cup of strong coffee.

13. Lady Fortune – Luck always seems to be on her side; you stick around her, hoping some of it might rub off onto you!

Nicknames Based on Appearance

14. Curly – Her hair naturally curls up into luscious locks that almost have a life of their own.

15. Big Mama – The fact that she's big only means there's a whole lot more of her to love.

16. Cocoa – Her skin is dark as chocolate, and she's just as sweet.

17. Dimples – Those pits in her cheeks so big you could almost poke a finger in them make her smiles so much more beautiful.

18. Freckles – Those little dark patches make her face look like a beautiful mosaic.

19. Tomboy – Even though she can kill it in a dress and high heels (if you can get her to wear them!), jeans, sneakers, and a baseball cap are more her style.

20. Supermodel – She's that friend with the runway good looks. She turns heads everywhere she goes.

21. Half-pint – For that friend who's so adorably small, you wish you could keep her as a pet.

22. Mama Long-legs – She has legs that go on forever and isn't afraid to show them off.

23. Bootylicious – The girl with the gorgeous butt – you hate to see her go but love to watch her leave!

Nicknames Based on Interests and Hobbies

24. Party Animal – The night is never over for her, she can always stay up one more night, visit one more club and never run out of energy.

25. Gadget Girl – Handy with tools and able to fix anything, you don't know what you would do without this girl.

26. Sporty – Always active and improving her fitness, she inspires you to get in shape yourself.

27. Boss Lady – Whether she has a white-collar job or runs her own business, her leadership skills and feminine power put her firmly in charge.

28. Astrogirl – She loves the night sky so much you suspect she might just be looking for home up there.

29. Dora – She's a born explorer, always looking for new places to visit and adventures to go on.

30. Nature girl – She loves being in natural surroundings and taking care of the environment.

31. Miss FBI – Always attentive and just a little paranoid, this is that friend you can never keep a secret from.

32. Gossip Girl – Looking for the latest juicy piece of gossip? She's the first person you'll hear it from.

33. Madam Curie – For that genius-level smart friend who destroys any idea that women can't be intelligent too.

34. Doodlebug – That artsy friend who's always drawing and sketching something.

35. Melody – For that girl with music in her soul. She's always humming and singing, filling the world with beautiful tunes.

Cute/Pet Nicknames

36. Wifey – You might "just" be friends, but you know you'll be together until death do you part.

37. Girlfriend – She's a girl. She's your friend. She's your girlfriend.

38. Sweetcheeks – She's so adorable you can't resist the urge to pinch her sweet cheeks like a grandma fussing over a baby.

39. Cupcake – She's soft and sweet and loved by everybody.

40. Babydoll – She's so precious to you that you would do anything to care for her.

41. Angel – She may not have a halo and wings, but she's heavenly as can be.

42. Princess – She is gracious and noble, giving off the air of royalty.

43. China Doll – Beautiful yet fragile, you would do anything to protect her.

44. Cherry Blossom – Gorgeous, sweet, and innocent, she reminds you of a beautiful spring day.

45. Cuddle Bunny – She loves to be close, and your favorite times together are when you are in each other's arms.

Hilarious Nicknames

46. Goofball - She has a goofy sense of humor and never fails to make you laugh.

47. Frizzles – her hair can't ever seem to come under control and always looks like she stuck her finger in an electrical socket.

48. Squirrel – That girl with a large handbag who hoards all sorts of stuff in it like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter.

49. Ducky – Whenever a camera is pointed at her, she can't help but make that pursed-lips kissy face, you've joked it makes her look ready to quack!

50. Cutie patootie – For that friend who's just so cute, it's silly.


This is just a small selection of nicknames you can call your best friend; there are endless possibilities. Remember to keep your friend's feelings in mind when choosing one as some people are more sensitive than others. You know your friend the best, so avoid anything you know she may be embarrassed by. Use this list as a guide and inspiration to stimulate your creativity and make up the perfect nickname for your female best friend.

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