Body Language Signs: An Insight into Their True Feelings

Have you ever had vibes that a guy likes you but you aren't really sure about it? You like someone yet you cannot seem to find any open indications of his affection? This happens more often than you think. Men usually aren't as verbal as women are and they prefer to keep their feelings for themselves. Reasons for this could be numerous, such as shyness, fear of rejection. Sometimes they are just testing the waters with you. While they might be able to control their words, they do not have such a tight grip on their actions. A man's body language can literally tell you everything you need to know about them, but only if you know where to look.

If you look closely for body language to see if he likes you, then you won't have any problem in figuring out whether he's into you or not. These body language signs are extremely telling but hard to identify so make sure to be very vigilant and attentive when you're with the guy you like.

What to Look for in His Actions and Behavior?

Search for some of these body language signs and you might get some clues as to whether the man you are interested in likes you or not.

1. Eye contact is a must

When a guy really cares about you, he will make sure to lock eyes with yours. Engaging in eye contact is an indicator that he finds you interesting and wants to develop a further level of intimacy with you. Usually, such eye contacts are long and may leave you weak in the knees. So, don't take simple gestures such as eye contact lightly and try to figure out if it has a deeper meaning.

2. His face flushes

When you're around, the guy who likes you might blush and turn as red as a tomato. His face might become flushed when you tease him or you are locking eyes with him. It's a good telltale sign that he can't cover-up.

3. His smile is never-ending around you

Does he smile at you like you are his entire world? If the answer is yes, then he probably has strong feelings for you. People only smile when they are happy to be around someone. The smile won't just be a small crescent on his face but it will brighten up his whole face and even bring the crinkles at the corners of his eyes to life. Look for a genuine smile among the fake ones and you'll find your guy.

4. He doesn't freak out when you touch him

Men usually flinch only when someone who they don't like touches them since they feel as if their personal space has been violated. However, if he is relaxed when your legs accidentally brush while you are sitting together, his body language says he likes you.

5. Touching you becomes second-nature to him

Touching is one of the classical body language signs of likeness. If he doesn't flinch when you touch him, he will probably like touching you as well. If the person you have a crush on is almost always gently touching your shoulder or hand and gives you a hug, he might also like you.

6. He leans towards you when you talk

When a guy leans towards you when you are talking, he is showing a sign of interest and it may have little to do with the conversation and everything to do with you. So, pay close attention when he does that. He might just be into you.

7. He likes hanging out with you

If a guy is mostly glued to your side when you're out together with your friends, he might be interested in you. But this can also be true for male best friends so you will need to distinguish between the two. One way to check this out is to see if you have his undivided attention because if he's there for you, he will focus on only you and no one else.

8. He gets jealous when you're with other men

Wondering of a way that will clearly tell if your guy likes you? Then, think no further and just mingle with other boys and wait for his jealousy to flare. If he thinks of you as his and his alone, he will be annoyed if you are with other men. Jealousy may be a negative emotion but in this case, it can serve as a great way of telling if someone likes you.

9. Stays by your side even when you are sick

When a guy has a crush on you, he will jump at the chance to visit or look after you when you are feeling under the weather. He won't mind your cold and would want to make sure you get better soon. He might even spend hours nursing you to health and he will be very patient with you during the entire ordeal. If a guy does this for you, then he's a keeper.

10. His protective side comes out when he's with you

When a man is protective of you, he might as well have a crush on you. You might notice him holding your hand and guiding you through crowded places or walking along the side of the road when you're with him (with you being on the pedestrian side). He will also be there to lend you a hand and not stand still when other people criticize you.

11. He is relaxed and cool

This may seem a bit out of the way but it is still a body language sign that can tell a lot. It's natural for men to be comfortable around the woman they care about. Being comfortable means that their breathing along with their entire body will be relaxed, so look out for this relaxation since it's easy to miss.

12. He straightens up when you enter the room

He may be lounging around his seat but just when you enter, he will straighten up, check his shirt or run a hand through his hair. This means that the guy is into you and wants to impress you so he tries to dress better and look good rather than lousy. If you find this in your man, then he just might be the one for you.

Final Words

Men usually don't say what they are feeling and thinking so it can be hard to figure out what's going on in that thick skull of theirs, but body language signs can help you with figuring them out. Some of these body language signs are elusive while others are explicit. You need to keenly look for them.

If you are still wondering whether your male coworker likes you, then just look for signs that can show if he has a crush on you. He will not exhibit all of the body signs listed above but only a few of them. You have to be attentive and look at different angles to locate the body language signs he likes you. After finding them, the ball's in your court; you can either accept them or reject them, depending on your choice. It's not simple at times but you can confirm your thoughts by asking his closest friend. A better and more daring option is to ask him directly if he really likes you.

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