10 Reasons Why a Guy Texts You Every day

You might be wondering when a guy texts you every day, what does that mean? It is obvious he enjoys texting you, but it might also have a deeper meaning. It is delightful to get a text from a guy you like because it implies he was thinking about you, and he wishes to have a conversation with you.

Receiving text messages from a guy can also be frustrating because you may not be able to understand its implication or how to interpret the situation. It is because the context of in-person conversations is absent in texting, which means it is difficult to tell his tone and read his body language. It is not easy to tell the kind of relationship he wants with you unless he tells you. Worse still, guys rarely state their intentions upfront. Many women wonder, "when a guy texts you every day, what does that mean?"

Why Does He Text Me Every Day?

It is unusual for guys to opt for texting as a way of communication. Therefore, if you are getting texts from a guy every day, it must have a meaning. Only the context varies.

1. If he only talks about daily life

Most likely, he does not have someone to share with his daily experiences. Perhaps you are the only one he feels relaxed talking to. Maybe he finds you comforting and inspirational the way you listen to him. If he shares details, you are most likely in his mind, and he wants to keep you in his life. He probably lacks the words to tell you so, and he is likely dropping hints.

2. If he sends flirty texts or pictures

Never confuse it with sexting! The subtle, playful comments mean he likes you a lot. He is free and open to you. In his mind, he would love to move your interaction to the next level… probably be in a relationship with him. It is a giveaway if he becomes suggestive and mentions what he would wish to do with you if you were together. However, you may confirm it by sending flirty texts of your own. He will match your tone if he is into you.

3. If he calls you closely in the text

He texts me every day using words that suggest closeness. Does it mean he likes me? Guys rarely use endearing words such as my dear, my love, or sweetheart for girls they do not fancy. However, some guys might use such words for every lady they interact with. You can quickly tell what he means based on the content he chats with you. If it is the usual thing, he probably uses those words for every girl, don't fall for it.

4. If he obviously wants you to text back

Why does he text me every day with so many questions? He is probably not interested in you if his texts do not include questions that require comprehensive answers. You are not obligated to reply further if his texts are flat. However, many questions after every text indicate he likes conversing with you. You can answer his questions and ask him questions as well. Responding to each other makes the conversation livelier. It is a telling sign he has an interest in knowing you more.

5. If he often consults you about important stuff

A man will never waste his time seeking advice from you if his only interest is to taste your cookie jar. It is not even possible for him to get personal with you by letting you have a glimpse of his life. It begs the question, "when a guy texts you every day, what does that mean?" If he asks for your opinion and thoughts concerning his life, he wants something beyond sex.

6. If he texts you but never asks you out

He is probably bored and does not have anything else to do. He is doing it to pass the time. Maybe it was an afterthought because he has your number. He is probably doing it with other girls simultaneously. To him, you are only a convenience. Once he gets something worthwhile, he will stop texting you.

7. If he always initiates texts

If he tends to initiate texting with you, he is attracted to you. You only have to consider the content and context of his messages and how he interacts with you. It might be because he needs something from you, and you need to be cautious in this situation. Otherwise, if he texts you first and you end up conversing about issues of mutual interest, you need to consider him because he really likes you.

8. If he tries to make you laugh

Your well-being is of interest to him. He is a guy who would do anything to make you happy. He adores you, and he wishes you to be part of his life. Humor is one of the tactics that most guys use to land girls they love. However, be careful that he doesn't laugh all the way to your pants!

9. If he shares his personal problems

It is closely related to consulting you. No guy shares his personal problems with a stranger or person he is not close with. It means he trusts you if he shares his worries and feelings. He is considering having a relationship with you. It may also mean he only wants to share his problems with someone. Taking too long to reply makes him feel you don't care about him, and he may back off.

10. He is shy

If he puts creativity and thought into his messages and invests himself in the texts that he sends you, he might be a shy guy. Take the lead and see where it leads. You can suggest a phone call or an in-person conversation. If he insists on texting only after that, then he is just passing the time with you.

What Should I Make of It?

Texting alone does not present a true picture of what he wants. Make arrangements to meet in person and ask him what he really means through his texts. It could be the icebreaker for letting you know he likes you.

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