10 Serious Reasons Why He Wants to Take It Slow With You

There's every cause for alarm when your once fast-paced intimacy with that special guy is wilting away because it appears as though he wants to take it slow, all of a sudden. The truth is, if every one of us had our way, we wouldn't think it through before jumping into the prospect of traveling into time to see what the future holds, especially as pertains to our relationships. Because of this time-limitation, women have little knowledge of how men think and vice versa. So, it is no surprise that the average woman in a confusing relationship with a man will want to be sure he wants to take things slowly once she starts feeling that events aren't playing out as usual. For that reason, we have curated ten reasons why that new guy in your life is showing signs that he wants to proceed in the relationship with caution.

1. He Has Already Defined the Timeframe for Staying in a Relationship

It is expected that a right-thinking person will have plans with time duration for achieving them. And that's probably what your man may have done and wants to stick with. Before he met you, he must have had a definite plan and time for settling down into a relationship, and it's clearly not going to happen now. Even though he has confessed that he really likes you, it seems he isn't yet sure about a relationship with you, considering that he hasn't seen where you fall into his original timetable.

2. He Is Taking It Slowly Because He Doesn't Want to Repeat Mistakes

It's possible that this man must have been through a failed relationship which he left with unpalatable lessons. Hence, he is on a wide alert to ensure that he doesn't become a victim of his past by jumping quickly into a new relationship. As a result, he has decided to step back on the new relationship to allow himself some thoughts on the way ahead. At this point, all you need to do is to be yourself without trying to force him to act quicker than he desires.

3. He Believes in "Slow And Steady Wins the Race"

It is natural for your man to be well-versed in the way of love. That is, he has probably seen the best and worst sides of love and has made up his mind to aim for the best. Therefore, he wants to take it slowly in building love to enjoy a solid and long-lasting relationship with you. It only takes a committed person to seriously consider toeing the line of cultivating love first. Clearly, he wants something much more than a fling to take the relationship slowly with you.

4. He Wants a Better Relationship Than His Past

If he has indicated an interest to relate with you on a deeper level, it's possible that this guy craves a relationship better than his former. Maybe, his past relationship didn't work out because it started off in a hurry. So, he wants to slow down with you, to allow the natural course of a love relationship which his previous relationship lacked. This is one of the ways to avoid the disasters associated with hurry in his new relationship with you.

5. His Past Relationship Could Be a Clog in the Wheel

Getting over a recent breakup could be hard to do. Such might be the case with your man who is still emotionally attached to his ex. In addition, the emotional drain from a past relationship can make him doubt his readiness for a committed relationship with you. As a result, he has decided to slow down so as not to hurt you along the line with the pretense that he is in a relationship with you.

6. He Wants to Know the Real You

You can't deny that at the beginning of a love affair, you are more interested in putting out your best foot to impress your partner. That can reflect in the way you speak, dress or act before him. But he is aware that there's your real self devoid of pretensions and stage actings. By slowing down in the passionate relationship, he wants to be able to relate with you like best friends do - no time for fakes. He also wants to know you minus your makeup and gorgeous dresses, which may be hard to achieve if he's on the fast lane with you.

7. He Wants to Be By Himself

Being a man pressured by society to live up to certain expectations, your guy must have a lot on his hands to handle - bills to pay, parents to take care of, job contracts to fulfill, etc. Possibly, he feels you may not understand everything going on in his hard life even when he explains it to you. So, to avoid putting you through unnecessary worries and stress, he would rather slow down in the relationship to sort himself out without the entanglements of a love relationship.

8. He Doesn't Know What He Wants

Even though your new guy has every attribute of your dream man, it's likely he wouldn't pursue a relationship with you if he doesn't know what he wants out of it. If he is a push-around, he could go a full circle with you and then wonder what he's still doing in the relationship. For him, the next available option would be to slow things down to disappear into the thin air.

9. He Has Seen Red Flags

Nobody is perfect; not even you. Expectedly, what kicks you into excitement could be a huge turnoff for him. Therefore, it is possible that he has noticed certain character traits that though aren't bad by themselves, are unacceptable to him in a relationship. To him, they are red flags. Hence, he wants to take it slow in the relationship.

10. He Wants to Find Out If You're Really Interested in the Relationship

Maybe he has been the one at the forefront, pushing for the success of the relationship, one hundred percent. By slowing down, he would want to know if you would at least show some commitment to the relationship by calling or texting him more, etc.

There are many reasons why a man wants to take things slow in a relationship. But one thing is sure: the ones specific to your relationship will surface. Meanwhile, be patient with yourself, and ask him questions when you are confused with his attitude towards you.

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