10 Ways to Jumping out of the Friend Zone

Have you ever gotten friend zoned? A friend zone means being in a friendship but ending up feeling you need more than just a normal friendship. This is when you feel your relationship should get elevated from being friends into something more than friends; maybe get to be lovers (boyfriend or girlfriend). The problem comes when the person you have an intense feeling for is unaware of how you feel or feels more comfortable with you two stay friends. When you are stuck on how to transit from friendship to more than friends, that is when you are said to be "friend zoned." All in all, getting out of a friend zone needs some calculated moves, but it's not impossible. Below are details on how to make it happen.

Tips on How to Get out of a Friend Zone

If you feel your position of being in a friend zone is not pleasing, check out these tips.

1. Focus on self-improvement

Personal development is essential if you're going to get out of that friend zone. You have to work hard to grow yourself. Personal growth brings about self-confidence and presents new opportunities in life. To achieve the best from yourself, work out regularly and keep to a healthy diet. When approaching your friend, present yourself as hot and exciting. Eventually, they may see the exciting potential you have and value you more. By doing this, your chances of winning their heart will increase.

2. Be mysterious

Being mysterious helps you seem more attractive, interesting and exciting to people around you. When you are mysterious, you will create interest and encourage a kind of fantasy towards you for your friends. If you are too obvious, change your character and be the unpredictable, though in a good way. This will make your friend desire to be around you. Once you realize an interest in your personality has started to grow, ensure you maximize that chance to win their heart.

3. Show less interest

In a friendship where one individual is friend zoned by the other, there is an imbalance in the relationship. So take your time, or a step backward, and show less interest than you did before. For instance, stop showing much interest in your friend, and they may start to see you in a different light. They may start to laugh more at your jokes, sit closer to you and do many other interesting things. Watch for these signs - they're a good indication that you are moving out of the friend zone into the relationship one.

4. Let your friend miss you

When you are away from someone for a while without texting or calling, you give them a chance to miss you or think about you. Doing this can create a void, or a feeling of emptiness, in that person. To fill the void, they will start missing you, they will want to talk to you, and they will check up on you. If this happens, embrace a go slow and let their curiosity grow. Finally, take advantage of that to pull yourself out of the friend zone.

5. Try to enjoy the companionship of other friends

If you are wondering how to get out of the friend zone, you can do so by thinking of other ways to create a bond. One of the best ways to do this is by going out with other friends. After that, talk to your friend about how you had fun and enjoyed the company of other people. He/she will have the desire to hang out with you. A portion of jealousy that comes when one knows that other people appreciated your company would make that person who has friend zoned you curious. Eventually, he/she may start showing more affection to you.

6. Start small and work your way up

You do not expect to turn a friendship into a romantic relationship in a day. Give your friend time to get your perspective. At first, you can go on a few dates, and later on, ask for an actual date. Show how caring and romantic you can be. You can use gestures, such as: maintaining eye contact or listening attentively. Show your friend affection and be flirty at times. However, if you push too much, you may end up being a loser.

7. Stop asking permission

If you often ask for permission from your friend when you want to do just about anything, it shows that you are afraid of their disapproval. If you do not know how to get out the friend zone, it's essential if you don't ask for permission to do minor things, such as tuning a radio to another station or buying your friend an ice cream when it's hot. Do not be afraid, instead, do anything you feel like as long as it is not disrespectful. If you feel like holding your friend's hand while walking, don't ask, do it and face the consequences later.

8. Break the touch barrier

One of the simplest ways to up your social game is by touch. Many people don't know when and how to break the touch barrier. The time you two are on a date, reach out and touch the other person. The outcome can be amazing when the moves are done right. Breaking the touch barrier can increase intimacy between you two, and it also gives the other person the right to touch you too. A little touch also improves physical and emotional connection.

9. Send complimenting remarks

When you compliment someone, it shows that you appreciate and recognize them. Compliments help in building connections since your friend will feel the need to compliment you back. This means they will be looking for something attractive to compliment you on. Add a few sexual remarks and before you know it, you will be out of the friend zone.

10. Be upfront about your feelings

It can hurt to have feelings for someone and not let them know. If you want to know how to get out of the friend zone, then you may prefer to confess your feelings to your friend. You can find the time and have a one-on-one talk with them and passionately explain yourself. Tell them that you thought it's wise to speak out and that you will accept their decision. Your friend might be in the same situation you are in but afraid of telling you. So be honest and pull yourself out of that friend zone.

The Final Word

In conclusion, getting out of the friend zone needs both patience and effort. For you to win from being a friend into a boyfriend or girlfriend, you need to persuade and influence your friend to accept being more than friends. You should know what you want and avoid settling for less. However, if you have tried enough to get out a friend zone but your friend resists, be ready to walk away for happiness is vital in one's life.

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