12 Sure Signs You’ve Found Your Soulmate

With all the break-ups and unhealthy relationships we see around us, it's easy to think that it's more common for couples to love each other without being soulmates. Yet meeting the person who becomes as dear to you as your own soul has happened to many couples who are lucky in love.

It's a well-known fact that true love is hard to find. If you're not sure if they're 'the one,' read below to know for sure if you've found your soulmate.

1. You feel a sense of familiarity

Many people say, "when I met him/her, I just knew." This feeling has also been described as familiarity. It feels as if you've known the person or seen them long before. This sensation might not often happen to many people, but it's certainly a common experience when a soul match is made.

Don't be afraid to ask your partner what they felt when you first met. If one or both of you noticed this feeling, then it's highly likely that you've found your soulmate.

2. You met each other at the right time and place

As they say, timing is everything, and this goes for relationships too. If two people are destined to be together, the universe will bring them together at the time that is right for both of them. Many soulmates can attest to living or working close to their partner but never coming into contact with them until a certain time.

Whether one of you is just coming out of a difficult relationship, or the other person is going through a tough time in their life, you will both be drawn to each other. It's possible that the timing might not seem right at first, but in hindsight, you'll see that your relationship needed to begin at that point.

3. You are independent but enjoy spending time together

The strength of a healthy relationship is clear when the two people are comfortably able to spend time apart. They embrace their independence and appreciate time with their own friends, their work, and their time alone.

For soulmates, this independence makes their time spent together sweeter. They don't wish to suffocate their partner. Instead, they want them to be happy doing the things that make them uniquely themselves.

4. You always feel calm around them

A clear sign that you are with your soulmate is the feeling of calm you'll experience when you're around them.

I have a friend who dated a guy she instantly clicked with. Sometimes, she would feel sleepy when they hung out. Did she think dating him was boring? No, she knew it wasn't because of boredom, but rather the comfortable feeling she had around, something which she had never experienced in her busy life. This was almost ten years ago, and they are now (happily) married.

5. You have similar plans for the future

It's kind of a prerequisite that a couple whose souls match want similar things. There has to be common ground on the things that are important to them. Their interests may not be the same, but what they ultimately want, must be.

For example, a girl might not enjoy watching football; she is an introvert that looks forward to a family and a home in the suburbs. The guy might hate watching reality shows but also sees himself with a few children, having a quiet life and maybe being captain of his son's soccer club one day.

One of the most important soulmate signs is that they can easily compromise on things that they may not want, but are willing to just to make their beloved happy.

6. You accept each other's differences

Similarly, real soulmates will graciously accept each other's differences. You might not agree on everything, and you may have different outlooks on particular subjects. However, you both understand that you are different people, brought up by different parents, and have had different life experiences. You are inevitably bound to have different behaviors and perspectives - and this is fine.

Soulmates will not bicker or criticize each other for these differences. The deep love they share means they will always seek to understand their partner rather than judge or fight over their differences.

7. You are good friends

It's often said that the best relationships start with a good friendship, although with soulmates, it may not always go in that order.

Many times couples who are meant for each other tend to fall into a romantic relationship quite quickly. I think that this is because of the familiarity they feel in the beginning. They tend to feel safe with each other and let their guard down sooner than they usually would.

But what happens is that as the love develops, the friendship also blossoms. Before they know it, the other person has become their best friend. They are the first person you want to share their news with and is the only person you wouldn't want to live without.

This strong friendship will get soulmates' relationships through the tough times that love alone will struggle to sustain.

8. You grow together and support each other

Real love allows and encourages personal growth. This has to be pointed out because sometimes a relationship can feel like love. Your partner might be passionate about you and possessively want you all to themselves (just like a spoiled child). Although this may feel special, this is not a healthy form of affection. They will always stifle you and hold on to you too tight so that you can never fly away from them. This is not the kind of love that you want.

Your soulmate will want to see you win, even if there's a chance they could lose you. The pure and selfless love they have for you means that it's a chance they will be willing to take. They'll be your biggest fan and encourage you to take on challenges if it makes you happy and helps you become the best version of yourself.

9. You inspire each other

Following the point above, the effect of sincerely encouraging one's soulmate to do better is to feel inspired by them. Whenever you achieve something, the other half will not feel jealous of the progress you've made. Instead, they will feel motivated to achieve their goals too and contribute to the success of your lives together.

10. You're able to resolve arguments

Soulmates always have a soft spot for each other in their hearts. Because of this, they will make more of an effort to understand their partner than they would with anyone else. The soft spot they have for each other means that they will avoid saying things that are spiteful or callously hurtful when in disagreements. While the understanding they give each other means that they can resolve their issues quickly and come up with peaceful acceptance or resolutions.

11. Physical intimacy is almost always good

I say sex with your soulmate is 'almost always good' because 'always good' simply isn't possible because of all the other factors that affect your ability to enjoy good sex. External issues such as stress, energy levels, hormone levels, health, etc. can all affect the quality of one's sex life.

Otherwise, one of the most obvious soulmate signs is good sex. I believe this is simply a chemistry thing. Also, the emotion and bond you share will make intimacy far more intense.

Sex between soulmates can be enjoyed in its purest form, no toys or batteries required.

12. You know their flaws but you can't help but love them anyway

When you first fall in love, you cannot help yourself. It's like something has completely taken over your heart and mind, and the object of your affection is all that you want.

In time, true love evolves. You get to know so much more about your beloved - the good and the bad.

This is a testament you might have heard people talk about. The time that has passed has allowed you to learn all your partner's flaws, yet you love them anyway.

Love now is a choice, and you choose it every day.

This is how you know you have found your soulmate.

Final Words

True love is indeed hard to find, but it doesn't mean that it's impossible. It might not come from the place or at the time you expect it, but when the time is right, and both souls are ready, they will find each other. If you're not sure about the person you are dating, look out for any of the signs described above and let the passage of time reveal your soulmate to you.

Sarah Wahab
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