6 Different Ways to Break Up With Someone Over Text

Never do bad things to others. In fact, never do things that you don't want to happen to you. You don't want to be ghosted, right? No one would. Breaking up with someone is a sign of mutual respect and maturity, so never just vanish from someone's life. You should know how to break up with someone over text if you don't want to do it in person. There's nothing bad in texting someone instead of meeting them. The most important thing is being honest with each other, communicating your situation, and moving on. Breakup messages can be painful, but ghosting would be a sign of disrespect. If you don't know how to break up with your boyfriend over text, keep reading. Here are six different pieces of advice for various situations, along with tips, tricks, and examples.

1. For somebody that you dated with several times and aren't interested in any more

Interest and emotions can't be invoked mechanically. They are spontaneous, so if you still don't feel anything towards your partner even after reuniting multiple times, it's time to break up for good. Don't be too direct, because you might hurt their ego, not just feelings. Make them feel important, even though you don't feel anything at all.


"Look, don't think that something's wrong with you. We just didn't click and that's all. You're a wonderful person and you will make someone really happy, I'm sure of it. I just don't feel anything in a romantic way, even though I tried. I wish you luck!"

"The reason I'm leaving has nothing to do with you. I just don't have emotions towards you, and that just can't change. Let's not hurt each other anymore and just move on with our lives."

2. For the person that you have been together with and he/she did something hurtful

Maybe you're in two minds right now: should I break up or not? Maybe this person is not as bad as it seems? If something very serious and unforgettable has happened, don't be sad and leave that person. They hardly change if they don't have to, and you should never endeavor to change other people. It's impossible. What's done is done, and don't let anyone disrespect you. You can show how mature you are by being polite. Don't try to make them feel bad, even though you think that what they did wasn't fair.


"I'm sorry. What you did to me was just something I can't get over. I'll never be able to trust you again, so there's no point in being together anymore. Let's move on and learn from our mistakes."

"I forgive you, but it completely changed our relationship. I can't see you as the same person from the past. I've come to the conclusion that we actually aren't a match. I hope that you understand that there is no way of repairing relationships that fell apart. If we try, we will only hurt each other even more. I wish you all the best."

3. For the person more suitable to be a good friend rather than a partner

If you like to spend time with your partner but just can't see them as a partner, it's best to explain the situation to them as soon as possible. The more you postpone that conversation, the more that person will attach to you. If you don't want to hurt them, be honest with them.


"I need to tell you something. Maybe you'll think I'm not honest, but I would never lie to you. The thing is, I adore you as a person, but I just can't see you as a partner. Maybe it's a bit selfish to ask you to be friends, but I would love that more than anything."

"Forgive me for telling you this, but we need to break up. I've tried to see you as a partner, but I just can't. However, I love your personality, your looks, everything about you, and spending time with you, so I wouldn't like to lose you. Would you like to be friends with me?"

4. For the person who has different views and opinions

If you really like someone but your way of perceiving the world doesn't match, your relationship has no future. Maybe it's great at the moment, but if you want to have a serious relationship with a person who has a completely different way of thinking, you're wasting your time. Sooner or later, you will have to break up. It's best if you do it early because breaking up will only become harder as time passes.


"You're great, and I enjoy this relationship. I really do. But we just have different opinions, life goals, and expectations. You have to understand that this could never work in the long run. Getting too attached would be detrimental for both of us. It's better if we split up."

"You're a smart person and I know you'll understand me. I just think that this relationship can't work because our goals are completely different. Let's not become too close and make this breakup even more painful."

5. For the person who likes you more than you like them

Other people's emotions towards us can actually suffocate us. If someone is head over heels for you and you see that, think about your own emotions. If you don't feel exactly the same, there is a high possibility that your partner thinks that you're perfect. No one is perfect, and love can be blind. If you see that someone is crazy about you while you're just interested in them, avoid hurting that person and tell them how you feel as soon as possible.


"I probably seem perfect to you, but that's far from the truth. I don't think that I'm bad, of course. I just think that you don't see my true colors."

"I've really had a nice time with you. I see that you really like me and I like you as well, but still, I think that I just can't give you what you need. You deserve to be loved more than I love you."

6. For the person that you think is too soft for you

"You're too nice for me" isn't a myth. Some people are wonderful but just too soft. Even if you like them, break up, because they will definitely become too clingy in time. It's better to save such people from getting too hurt in the end.


"You're just too nice for me. I want to break up because I think I just can't give you as many emotions as you really need."

"This will sound silly, but I think I am not the one for you. I can't give you what you deserve. Sorry."


In the examples below you could find out how to break up with someone over text. Never forget that breaking up will never be as painful as staying in a toxic relationship with no future. Your partner will be okay soon, so have no worries.

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