9 Smart Strategies to Make Him Choose You Over Another Woman

A man's love life and choice of a partner is totally up to him. It's not easy to say why a man chooses one woman over another. There are several factors involved, but keep one thing in mind- men want their partner to be compatible with them in different ways. It doesn't mean that attraction and choosing the right woman should be a complicated game. They want it to be simple and straightforward. You just have to genuinely love him and show it through your actions.

In the current dating scenario, there is some competition involved, especially when the man is attractive and has a lot of qualities women desire. So, you should know how to make him choose you over the other woman.

Powerful Strategies to Make Him Choose You

Listed below are 9 powerful things you can learn to know exactly how to make him choose among all other females.

1. Show your compatibility

Choosing a partner is about compatibility. A man will choose a woman who is compatible with him emotionally, socially, and sexually. Emotional connection is a major factor because this is what differentiates between a romantic partner and a woman who is "just friends with him". You have to develop a close emotional connection and be straightforward about your feelings. Men don't like to guess, so if you are clear about how you feel about him, chances are you'll know how to make him choose you over the other woman.

Another important factor is social compatibility. It means that you are able to fit into his social circle and you don't have a problem hanging out with his friends or meeting his family.

Finally, physical and sexual compatibility also counts. When you move past the touch barrier, your level of intimacy and affection will also decide whether he wants to be with you or not.

Keeping all these things in mind, if you believe that you are compatible with him in every way, then show him your compatibility by being more open and hanging out with him sometimes. Don't overdo or fake anything because he'll lose interest. Just keep it natural and simple.

2. Show your uniqueness

Being in a competition like this doesn't feel great. Don't be needy or try to get his attention all the time. Just be honest about who you are. Let him see your real personality instead of being like someone else. When you are confident in your own body, style, and attitude, it will radiate on your face and grab his attention.

3. Be a challenge

Being a challenge might sound different than being straightforward about your feelings. You have to understand that being straightforward doesn't mean that you have to be desperate and spend a lot of time with him. Sure, let him know that you like him but hold up your self-esteem and values. Have your own life, work, and activities. Be confident and let him choose you. Don't force him or seek his attention all the time. When you are content with your life, you become a challenge he wants to explore. Then, it will be he who would want to spend time with you.

4. Make connections with him

Building a strong connection with your man is much more important and deeper than physical attraction. When you can talk to someone about a lot of different things, laugh together, share interests, or a hobby, and share beliefs and values, you can build a strong connection with this person. It will help you in the long run because a relationship stays warm and alive on the basis of these connections. If you have such a connection with him, try not to focus on the fact that there is another woman in the picture. As hard as it might seem right now to focus on your relationship with him and not think about how to make him want you more than his girlfriend, try to focus on these connections.

5. Get to know your "enemy"

The other woman is not your enemy in the literal sense. She also wants to be with him just like you. So, instead of making judgments, try to get close to her. This is where you have to be smart. Get to know her and her family. Try to make her talk about him and evaluate her feelings.

6. Make her lose interest

The next big step here is to see what turns her off about a man. See if you can find any weak spots and make her lose interest in him.

7. Be attractive

You don't have to be extremely beautiful to get your man's attention. You just have to present your best self and be attractive to make him choose you over other women. Look fresh, healthy, and wear clothes that are not only flattering on your body but are also comfortable. Besides being physically attractive, own your female body, and show him that you are a strong, beautiful, and confident woman. Your confidence will make you look attractive.

8. Compassion and kindness

Besides focusing on your physical beauty, work on the best qualities and values you have. When you treat people around you with kindness and respect, it will leave a positive impression on him. Be compassionate to your family, friends, and people close to you. Then you will not need to try to win his heart. Men tend to choose women who are socially empathetic.

9. Know how to have fun

As you get to know him better, see what are the things he likes. For instance, if he loves music and you are also a music lover, go to a concert together or plan activities you both like. It doesn't mean that you have to pretend to like things he loves. Just do some of the things you both like.

Final Thoughts

There are certain qualities a man looks for in a woman to choose her as his partner. It includes compatibility, attraction, affection, kindness, and confidence. Besides these qualities, sharing values and a strong connection is also important. These factors become more important when there is another woman in the picture. However, when you love a man and want to be with him, keep in mind that he will choose you only if he has feelings for you. Don't get too caught up in the competition that you lose your true values in the process. Focus on your life and he will come to you if he sees value in you.

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