9 Social Media Red Flags You Should Not Ignore in Your Relationship

You have noticed some changes in your partner's habits lately. You get curious and the only place you know where to look for is their social media accounts. Your partner is more active on social media than usual. There might be a few things out of the ordinary that you should not ignore. Because if you ignore these social media red flags in relationships, it might be late to know the truth about your partner's strange activities.

Theresa Herrings, a couple's therapist says, "Social media has made cheating more accessible. What starts off as a harmless conversation can spiral into a full-on emotional and/or physical affair."

Watch out for Red Flags

Relationships can turn sour because of a partner's infidelity very quickly. So, watch out for the following red flags in your partner's social media accounts.

1. No updates on relationship status

If your partner uses Facebook and they haven't updated their relationship status, then you might need to talk to them. If changing the relationship status matters to you, then try talking about this issue. Before freaking out, consider the fact that they may be using other social media platforms. See if they have acknowledged this relationship on other platforms. If you don't see the acknowledgment of this relationship anywhere, then it is a cause for concern. Showing that you are single despite being in a relationship is a clear sign that they are telling other people that they are available.

2. Not adding your friends

Not adding your friends on social media might be a big deal, but not if your partner doesn't use social media very often. Don't start questioning them right away because they might have different preferences when it comes to adding friends on Facebook. Doubting and blaming your partner is easy but if you notice a lot of red flags, then you should not ignore them. See how they interact with your friends outside social media. Are they friendly and kind or do they seem rude and distant? Your partner's attitude will reflect on their social media as well.

3. Being online 24/7

Addiction to social media is one thing but being online all the time is not a good sign either. If you check out your partner's posts and activities on social media and the first thought that comes to your mind is that your significant other creeps on social media, then it's time to look for support and a solution. If they are constantly posting their own pictures, chatting with people you don't know, and being flirty with other people, then you can't ignore any of these things.

4. Not tagging you in photos

When you are in a committed relationship, it's natural that your partner will tag you when they post or share a picture. But if they are purposely avoiding you and not tagging you in any of the photos, then it might be hard to process whether they value you and their relationship with you or not. David Bennett, a certified counselor says, "If they turn their attention away from you, or run their social media accounts like you don't exist (never mentioning you or your relationship, at least not significantly), I would suspect something is up."

5. Not including you in their plans

Nothing feels worse than knowing that your partner makes plans without you. If you see pictures of events or trips that you don't know about, then it's time to talk to your partner about their attitude. It's one thing to go on a trip but it's an entirely different matter that your partner isn't telling you about their plans. It means that they don't value you enough to tell you about their plans and activities.

6. Flirty comments from others

Posting cool pictures on social media is fine, but if your partner gets flirty comments from people you don't know, then it's one of the clear social media red flags in relationships. Even worse, if you see the same person sending flirty emojis and commenting on your partner's posts everywhere, then it's a sure warning. Talk to your partner in a non-threatening way and try to learn the truth before they are head-over-heels into that person.

7. Not posting couple photos

It's not a very clear sign because many people don't post their photos on the internet. But if your partner previously posted cute couple photos but stopped doing that now, then that might be a problem. Either they use social media less often or it means that they want to show people that they are single. Creating an online image or life where you can clearly see that your partner seems single means that they are not committed to this relationship.

8. Suspicious interests and interactions

Besides having suspicious and flirty interactions with someone or a lot of people, your partner's interests and activities on social media can tell you a lot about them. For example, if you find that they make fun of sensitive matters like religion and you don't feel comfortable about it, then this relationship is not going to work. When your views and ideas clash on social media and in real life, it's time to think seriously about this relationship.

9. Having other secret accounts

If you are in a relationship with your partner for quite a while and you recently learn about their suspicious activities on social media, then you need to look even closer. They might even have another account that you don't know about. If you are successful in discovering a "secret" account full of messages from an ex or sexy pictures of other people, then you need to make a decision about this relationship. You can't hang on to someone who has so many interests and secrets.

The Fact That You Have Doubts

The feeling of love and security matters a lot when you are in a relationship. But if you notice too many red flags in your relationship, then it's time to talk, try to find a solution, or move on. Your partner's social media is a reflection of their personality or at least what they want to portray. If you find yourself doubting your partner's commitment, then it's not a good sign. But before reaching a decision, analyze how they treat you in real life and have a non-threatening conversation about your doubts. This is how you can see if your concerns are real or not and where your relationship stands.

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