Best Ways to Comfort Your Girlfriend When She Is Angry

Women are prone to not telling their partner why they are upset and angry, and that usually makes men ask themselves: "Is my girlfriend angry at me?" That doesn't have to be the case. Women don't even have a clarified reason to be mad from time to time, so don't always take their anger personally. Women tend to overthink things, and thus, worry more. Therefore, it's easier for them to get anxious and stressed out. Instead of getting offended or simply asking what the problem is, or even worse, ignore the problem, why don't you try to cheer your girlfriend up? Of course, if the problem is somehow related to you, there are many creative ways to make it up to her. I'll give you six great ideas to make your girlfriend feel great again.

How to Make Her Happy When She Is Angry

There are many ways to comfort your girlfriend when she is upset. You know her the best, so maybe you are the one who knows what is the most effective way to do so. Nevertheless, here are some useful ideas that can be of help.

1. Apologize if you've offended her somehow

We all make mistakes or say things that we don't mean when we are angry or irritated. Furthermore, sometimes we unknowingly do something that offends our partner. Try to think about what might have offended her and apologize. Don't just say that you are sorry. It might sound that you don't care much about her feelings. Women are sensitive and you have to show that you deeply care about her and that you are really sorry if there is something to apologize for. Tell her that your intentions towards her are always good and that you would never deliberately hurt her. Also, talk to her about what actually irritates her and what you can change to improve your communication. Tell her that she should always openly tell if something irritates her because that's the only way you can help her.

2. Talk to her and listen to her carefully

If she hasn't told you why she is angry or upset, there is a good chance that she doesn't want to upset you as well. People tend to hide their negative emotions and repress them in order to save their loved ones from negative energy. But it's always better to talk about problems frankly and directly because it's totally fine to use somebody's help. You should explain that to your angry girlfriend. She has to know that she can count on you in every situation and that you will gladly do anything that will make her feel better. Of course, never try to force her to tell you about what happened if she doesn't want to talk about it. Eventually, she will tell you, so just don't push her. Start a conversation slowly, sit close to her and listen. Be completely focused because it might hurt her even more if you seem uninterested. Why would you want to talk to her if you don't want to listen? Being a good listener is indeed a great skill, even if it seems easy at a first glance. Show her how you care only by showing her that she has a shoulder to cry on. Sometimes, the talk is all that it takes to solve a problem. Moreover, even an honest hug can be enough.

3. Be gentle to her and show affection

Even if they act tough at times, girls love to be hugged and showered with attention. Like I said before, girls are more emotional and when they don't get affection, they can get a bit upset. On the other hand, if you cuddle her and maybe take a nap with her, she can feel a lot better. You can talk later about what the actual problem is. First, you need to calm her down and make her feel better. Cover her with a blanket and curl next to her. Hug her more often and tell her that you love her and how beautiful she is. Just be honest and open, and don't compliment her too much, because it might seem suspicious. Right now, all that she needs is to understand how loved and important she is to you. Girls are vulnerable, and guys are there to protect them.

4. Do funny things and make her laugh

You probably know your girlfriend well, so you must know what she finds interesting and hilarious. You can show her a funny picture or a video, or you can goof around and make hilarious jokes. If you are not so talented in making jokes, you can always recommend a good comedy movie or something like that. Scientists stress that laughing is healthy and that it can even extend one's life. Furthermore, they have discovered that laughing can make you truly feel happy. While watching a movie, you can snuggle with her and comfort her.

I would advise not to overdo or exaggerate anything because it might seem obvious that you have some other intentions then simply to watch movies or make jokes, and if she hasn't told you what the cause of her anger is, there must be some reason. Make her feel better, and then you can talk with her and solve problems if there are any. Make her laugh, and her worries might completely go away.

5. Buy her something that she always wanted to have

We are all like this- we are happy when we finally come into possession of something that we always wanted to have. It's temporary happiness, but treating yourself is crucial in difficult situations. If she feels bad, then try to think about what kind of present would cheer her up the most. Maybe she has mentioned to you what she intends to buy in the near future, so you can be one step ahead of her and buy it for her as a surprise. You shouldn't tell her about your intentions, though. It must be a surprise. Otherwise, it won't work. If you surprise her by something she wants to have, it will instantly improve her mood. Also, it will show her how caring and respectful you are, and that's the kind of guy that she needs. Remembering little things about people is very important. Even if her anger doesn't completely go away, she will be much less distant and unreachable than before, so you will be able to talk things out easier.

6. Take her out to dinner or somewhere nice

If you want to know how to make her happy when she is angry, then this is one of the most effective ways to make her happy, for at least a bit. Take her to her favorite restaurant, or buy tickets to a concert of a band or an artist that she likes. Cinemas are also a great option but don't watch disturbing or scary movies. Also, a good solution is to go with her on a short trip, but you have to check if she has too many obligations or not. You could also take her to a calming place like a spa or something like that. Maybe she is angry because she only needs a break from everyday chores.


Angry girlfriends are not really pleasing, but if you don't accept them at their worst, you don't deserve them at her best. We should always help them, not because they are the weaker sex, but because they are delicate, and because they would do the same for us if we were in a bad mood. Relationships are about being there for each other and understanding your partner's pain. In a relationship, we share both good and bad things equally. If you want to cheer your girlfriend up when she looks angry, then you are certainly a good boyfriend and she is certainly very lucky to have you.

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