Different Ways You Can Keep a Conversation Going over Text

Holding a conversation with someone close relieves you of your burdens and helps strengthen your relationship. The small talk that people partake in during their day-to-day activities is essential for their well-being. You can hold a conversation virtually or physically. Texts, calls and other digital means of communication are categorized in the virtual mode. Physical conversations are done one-on-one. The most important reason for conversing is the connection that you gain with the other person. However, talking through text is not always an easy thing. Below are some tips on how to keep a conversation going over text without both of you getting bored, maintaining a lively and interesting chat.

Techniques You Can Use to Keep a Conversation Going

Keeping a conversation going is crucial since you get to know more about the person you are conversing with. Below are some techniques you can employ to keep a meaningful conversation going and especially when you are talking to a girl you are into.

1. Ensure the availability of the person

First, you have to make sure the person is available if you want to chat. The first text you send to someone will show if they are interested in giving their time to you. Therefore, you should craft a witty and clever text as the opener. You will need to be creative, and you are sure to get a reply. It all about how you craft your messages, if the conversation is boring, be sure she will get bored to the extent of ignoring the text or replying after a long while.

2. Ask open-ended questions

When asking a girl, a question, avoid questions that will have yes/no answers. Open-ended questions have responses that can lead to broadening the conversation. For example, you can ask the other person "what do you do for fun?". Such a question will give you an insight into the other person and keep the conversation going.

3. Share interesting news

If you don't know how to keep a conversation going with a girl over text, it probably means you're boring. When chatting with a girl, you have to keep telling her exciting stuff. It isn't so hard. Get her to talk to you by speaking honestly about things that interest you, and she will probably want to hear more.

4. Make sure it goes both ways

When holding a conversation with a girl, you have to maintain a balance and ensure that the talk goes both ways. Ask them questions about themselves; this will help you find out a thing or two about them. You have to limit the number of things you say about yourself so that it doesn't look like everything is about you.

5. Be yourself

Being yourself when sending text messages is key to getting a conversation going. If you are used to adding emoji after every text, it's also okay, just note that they should not be overused. Being yourself will mean the other person gets used to your way of texting. As you text; always use understandable language for clarity.

6. Be polite

Being polite means that you respect other people and you are considerate of other people's feelings. If you want to know how to keep a text conversation going, then politeness is vital. Ensure that you mind how the other person views you. That way the chat will go on without any problem.

7. Send flirty texts

Throwing flirty texts to a girl you like will help you two develop a kind of intimacy. It is fun to flirt, and it builds some sexual chemistry. If you receive back flirty texts, it means that you two have built a connection and you should keep working on it until the girl gives into you.

8. Use memes

Memes are used to make people laugh. Sending memes will help you build a connection and keep the conversation going. Sending a meme is an excellent technique to kick off the conversation. If you want a girl to chuckle, send them a meme you like and wait for their response. The girl might like your meme and reply to you, and she will enjoy the conversation more.

Questions to Ask a Girl over Text

If you are wondering how to keep a conversation going over text, it is simple when you ask a girl some questions about themselves. You can ask several questions to get to know them better. Such questions include:

1. What song do you play most often?

This question will help you find out what music they prefer. You can also match their preferences with yours. If you match in taste, you can talk more about the songs in detail. You can ask what her favorite song is and maybe text back a few lyrics to tease her.

2. What is the scariest non-banned item you could take on to a plane?

This is a creative question seeking answers on what scary non-banned items the girl can carry on a plane. Such a question will help you learn how naughty your girl is.

3. What is the most exciting thing you have on you or near you right now? Could you send me a pic of it?

Asking a girl you like this question will help you to discover the kind of things that interest her. It is also a way to introduce a new topic, and in the process, you can ask for more photos of her.

4. What's the worst text that you accidentally sent?

Getting a girl to tell you an embarrassing thing that has happened to them is a powerful emotion. If she opens up, then it means you two will get a little closer. After they answer such a question, you can empathize with them and maybe tease them a little bit.

5. Which is that one ridiculous thing you have seen online recently?

Questions are meant to keep the conversation going and give you an insight into the other person's personality. Asking such a question can get you both something in common to talk about. You can also get the link to the ridiculous thing and check it out.

The Final Word

In conclusion, the content above on how to keep a conversation going over text can help you come up with various ways of texting and keeping your chat active. With proper questions, it is easy to link up and make the connection you seek with your girl.

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