Drinking Games for Couples - A Time of Mischief With a Touch of Alcohol

Playing drinking games for couples is an opportunity for you to further bond with your partner or love interest, have a lot of fun and maybe some sexy time as well. When you are in the mood to have a few drinks, spice things up with one or more of the following games.

10 Drinking Games for Couples

1. Straight Face

Based on your ability not to laugh even when you really feel like it, Straight Face is among the couple drinking games that provoke the exact opposite response. You both have to write funny, outrageous, or even kinky phrases on separate pieces of paper and then mix them in a bowl. Next, you both take turns at picking a piece of paper and reading what's on it out loud without expressing any emotion, especially laughter. Whoever giggles or laughs must drink.

2. Battle Shots

Battle Shots is a game that some of us used to play as kids. The goal is to guess where your opponent's ships are and hit them. For this game, you need a blank piece of paper for each of you, on which you should draw two 7x7 grids. Next, label the columns in alphabetical order and the rows in numerical order.

Draw your ships by using 3 Xs for the battleship, 2 Xs for the destroyer and 1 X for the submarine in one of the grids and use the other one to mark your opponent's ships when you guess them or hit nothing.

Keep in mind that when you get hit, you must drink a shot and the other way around.

3. Higher or Lower/Red or Black

A very popular party game, Higher or Lower/Red or Black is also among the best couples drinking games. This is because you can easily adapt it and play it with your special someone. It is a card game with simple rules: first, you must guess whether the next card is red or black. If you get the answer right, you move on to the second stage that requires you to assume if the next card will be higher or lower than the one you have.

In case you don't get the color right, you must drink. However, if you don't get the second answer right, you have to remove a piece of clothing of your choice. Keep playing until you're both naked and tipsy!

4. Most Likely To…

A fill-in-the-gaps sort of game, this one isn't specially designed for couples either, but you can easily switch things up a little and play it with your partner. You can look up "most likely to..." questions or you can come up with your own. The purpose of the game is for both of you to agree that one of you is most likely to, let's say, drink until you pass out. If you both agree that your partner is most likely to do so, none of you will drink. Conversely, if you both think about yourselves that you're most likely to drink that much, then you will both have to drink.

5. Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie is one of the drinking games for couples that facilitates the process of finding out more about each other. The rules are simple: you must say three things about yourself, out of which two are true and one is a lie. Next, your partner must guess which one is a lie. If they don't get it right, they must drink. Each player must take turns.

6. Striptease Dice

When you think about drinking and spending an evening with your partner, you might not feel like playing strategy games or making up funny phrases. However, you might like the idea of drinking and stripping. For this game, you need a dice and, of course, alcohol of your choice.

The basic rules say that if you get an even number after rolling the dice, you must drink. If it's an odd number, you must remove a piece of clothing. Then it's your partner's turn.

What you can do to make this game even more interesting and sexy is assign different actions to different numbers. One could mean a kiss, two could mean a French kiss and so on.

7. Naughty Jenga

Jenga is a really fun and popular game that requires a steady hand and a bit of strategy. You must stack wooden pieces in the shape of a tower and then carefully remove one piece at a time without knocking it down. You must place the removed piece on top of the others at the end of your turn.

Nothing naughty so far, right? Naughty Jenga comes with wooden pieces inscribed with tasks, such as "make me scream", "take a sexy nude picture" and others. If you don't want to perform the task, you must drink.

In case you own the classic Jenga version, you can use sticker sheets on which you can write tasks that you and your partner come up with.

8. Charades for Couples

Charades is a classic game, and if you are a more active person who doesn't like to mark Xs on a sheet, you'll most definitely have fun playing it. However, you must be pretty good at it unless you want both you and your special someone to drink too much.

Firstly, you and your partner must write words or phrases on pieces of paper, fold them, and place them in a pile or bowl. Secondly, each player must pick a piece and mime what's on it. If you can't get it right in one minute, you both have to drink.

Since this is a game for couples, you can write down body parts, sexy actions, and whatever else might turn you on.

9. Flip, Sip, or Strip

Let's face it: the purpose of most couples drinking games is to have fun and end up getting down and dirty as well. Flip, sip, or strip is that kind of game. What you need is a coin, alcoholic beverages, and a sexy mood.

The game goes like this: your opponent flips a coin and you must guess if it's heads or tails. If you get it right, it's your partner's turn. If you don't get it right, you must drink. If you don't get it right two times in a row, you must strip, or more specifically, remove one piece of clothing. You'll run out of clothes and alcohol in no time!

10. Blindfolded Touch

Blindfolded Touch is for couples who can't keep their hands off each other. It involves alcohol, a blindfold, and touching. Each player takes turns at getting blindfolded. The person who isn't blindfolded guides the other person's index finger on a certain body part. They must guess which body part it is by using their index finger only. In case of success, no one drinks. Otherwise, the blindfolded player must drink.


All drinking games involve drinking, but only couples drinking games involve all sorts of extra naughty actions. Pick one of the drinking games above depending on your mood; Battle Shots if you feel like strategizing, Charades if you feel like using your imagination, or Flip, Sip, or Strip if you feel lucky.

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