How Do You Know If Your Wife Loves You

It doesn't matter how long you have been married. At some point, you will still find yourself questioning whether your significant other loves you like they did when you got married. Sometimes, that doubt might appear for no reason whatsoever – or maybe because your wife just found other ways to express her love.

Did she stop loving you, or did she just find other ways to love you? By paying careful attention to her actions, you can find out whether your wife still holds you close to your heart or just hides her feelings deeply and secretly. Here's how to know if your wife loves you.

She Asks for Your Advice

Relationships are two-way streets, so if you see that she is including you in her decisions – and respects what you have to say – then it is a clear sign that she still loves you. Married couples make decisions on everything, from mundane chores to how to invest their money. Of course, she can decide many things on her own, but it is a good sign if she wants to hear your opinion on things that matter.

She Trusts You

When your partner truly cares about you, they will always give you the benefit of the doubt, regardless of what the initial signs might show. For example, if you occasionally go out with your friends to enjoy the evening and come home late, or if you work away from home several times a week, she won't be worried that you are up to something. She also won't be snooping through your stuff or cell phone bill, because she loves you enough to trust that you won't be doing anything hurtful. This kind of trust is an indicator of true caring.

She Attends Every Family Event With You

When your wife avoids going out to public or family events with you, it might be a sign that she doesn't want to be with you or your family or friends. The opposite is also true. When she prepares and goes to family events with you without batting an eye or complaining, she does so because she enjoys your company and wants to be part of everything you hold dear. Even if the event is not something you are particularly excited about, she will still be there to offer you support. That is most definitely a sign of true love.

She Helps You Through Difficult Times

We all have a busy schedule. However, she will still help you through difficult times and will be supportive. If your wife is right there next to you, trying to help as much as she possibly can, it's a sign that she still loves you dearly. That's simple; she won't go running off into the sunset when she sees that you're going through a difficult time, and will always stand by your side.

She Supports You in Pursuing Your Dreams

A wife that loves you will always be happy when she sees your dreams are coming true – because she knows this will make you happy. For this reason, she will always give you support in pursuing your dreams – even if she might not like it at first. When she is supportive, there is no doubt about it: she loves you.

She Tries to Physically Impress You

When you started dating her, you probably noticed how she tried to look her best each time she had a date with you. Well, if she is still doing that throughout the marriage, then it's clear that she still loves you. Women don't try to impress the people they don't particularly care about – so, if you see that she is still making an effort to maintain her appearance (asks you for advice when she buys new clothes, for example), take it as a sign of affection.

She Tries to Find Solutions When You're Fighting

A wife that is no longer in love with you tends to blow every fight out of proportion. No matter if she's the one that started the fight or if you triggered it, a loving wife will always want to tone it down and find solutions so that you will stop fighting. A non-loving wife will add fuel to the flame and use it as an excuse to get out of the relationship.

She Showers You With Affection

A couple does not need to have frequent sex – or even any sex – if they want to be emotionally intimate. If you are asking yourself "what does it mean when your wife doesn't show affection," you might want to define how you perceive the word "affection." If she likes to hold your hand, rest her head on your shoulder or cuddle you at night while you are sleeping, it means her affection is still strongly there.

She Cares About Your Health

When your wife deeply cares about you, she'll ensure that your health is in a good place. Not only does she want you to enjoy a high-quality life, but she also wants you to live long enough so that you can grow old together – which is why she'll try to get you to eat healthily and exercise. It might seem like she's nagging you with all that kale and those other vegetables, but the truth is that she just loves you enough to refuse unhealthy habits to do you apart.

Final Thoughts

Those asking themselves "how to know if your wife loves you" might want to take a closer look at the actions of their loved one. After a time of being married, she will no longer feel the need to verbally express her love – and that's because she knows you'll know. Instead, she expresses her love through little things, such as standing by your side or ensuring that you don't have health issues from chaotic eating.

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