How to Make a Breakup As Painless as Possible

Nothing about breakups can spark a feeling of joy and happiness. Even when people part ways while staying on good terms, separations are detrimental, they leave scars and people end up suffering after it happens. It's hard to leave, but it's even harder to be left, especially because of someone else. If you are currently going through a breakup, you need to know that there are many ways that can make dealing with a breakup easier.

One of the worst things about breakups is that it completely changes your course of life. It throws you out of your comfort zone, right to an uncertain future. Where should you go? What should you do next? Nobody likes uncertainty, especially because it's usually the main cause of anxiety. When someone is gone, you need to adapt. Try not to worry too much, because no feeling is permanent. You will be just fine. Your wounds will heal as time passes, but why don't you speed up that process a bit?

The Best Ways to Deal With a Breakup

1. Allow yourself to immerse in sorrow

Suppressing emotions can be nothing but detrimental to you. If you are aggrieved, cry, yell, and do whatever you have to do in order to deal with your emotions and set them free. There is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to a breakup. We are all human, and pain actually indicates that you are alive.

Most people are afraid of facing sorrow, which can only make it deeper and more painful. You need to know that time is on your side, so don't try to slow your healing process down by running away from reality and pretending like you are not hurting at all.

If you need some time alone, I suggest you take a trip. Choose a nice and peaceful place, the one where you can relax and clear your head. Even if you choose not to travel, you should spend some time alone and try to reflect on your past. That is one of the most effective ways to heal when dealing with a breakup. And most importantly, try to find out what was the thing that hurt you the most in your past relationship. It will tell you a lot about yourself. If you become aware of your emotions and let them consume you completely, they will leave you after some time.

Most people are afraid to face themselves. Don't be one of those people. Be brave and don't hide from the pain. Of course, it does hurt, but that is completely fine. If you truly accept it, it will go away in no time.

Sadness is heavy. Don't carry it around. Let it ripen and fall off, like an apple from a tree. At the end of the day, self-reflection is the key to recovery.

2. Take care of yourself

I can't even describe with words how important and essential self-care is. We tend to forget that we are human beings and that we need some nourishing from time to time.

Let me remind you that you are as important as any other living being. You deserve love, affection and warmth, and what you have to know is that you have to get it from yourself first.

If you need to know how to deal with a breakup, or even how to cope with divorce (usually the most painful way of separation), keep in mind that doing something positive and thoughtful for yourself will certainly ease your pain. Try to surprise yourself from time to time, even with little things. For example, once in a while you can take a day off and do whatever pleases you. You can buy yourself something you have always wanted to have, or start a new hobby. Try to get to know yourself more through this tough period.

You don't need anyone to love you and care for you. You firstly need to love yourself. That is the only love you really need in your life. If you think about it long enough, you will probably realize that you don't love yourself as much as you think. When you get to love yourself, you will stop yearning for other people's affection. Furthermore, you will be more positive, loving and charming, and a person who will be able to form deep and meaningful connections with the right people. If someone has hurt you or betrayed you, it can be really hard to get over with because certain things can completely crush your self-esteem, but self-love can help you recover really fast.

3. Seek support from others

Even if you feel like you are all alone, you definitely are not. There are always some people that are willing to help you and show you how to deal with a breakup. They are right behind your back, holding your hands and patting your shoulder. These are the people who truly love you.

Don't be silent. Speak up, and your friends and family will listen to you. If you feel good in other people's company, you should spend as much time as you can with your loved ones.

You can even go further and seek support from people who have or had the same experience. Usually, they are able to understand you the most. Lookup for these people. There are also many groups that you can join online. Even if you don't know them that well, after some time, it should not be hard to speak openly about your feelings. Sometimes it's just easier to confide in a stranger. Maybe you will make some new friends as well.

Surrounding yourself with amazing and fun people will rapidly speed up your recovery. They will help you stop thinking about what has happened and bring positivity to your life. Maybe what you need is more fun and action with your friends. Anything that can paint your life with brighter colors will help. Instead of grieving and sobbing home alone, sometimes it's better to grab a coffee with somebody who can make you laugh.

Finally, a very good option is talking to a psychologist. He or she will give you a professional opinion about everything, and probably a lot of advice that you should follow.


Breakups bring inevitable pain and you should not run away from it. Always remember that endings lead to new beginnings, which can be far better. Just be patient and learn as much as you can from every life lesson. Be your own best friend, and surround yourself with people who truly love you. Pain is only temporary, and don't let it bring you down. Just have faith. Everything will be just fine, and soon you will be able to give your heart to someone new.

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