Improve Your Sex Skills With Fun Sex Games for Couples

Whether you've been with your partner for years or you're just looking to discover something new, why not try sex games for couples?

Studies have shown that sex games can help couples explore their fantasies, have more fun, and become more adventurous in the bedroom. Many couples find that after some time together, their sexual habits fall into a pattern. Introducing sex games into the bedroom is a surefire way to increase the passion in your sex life.

Apart from that, playing sex games with your lover brings many benefits to other areas of your relationship such as deepened intimacy, increased trust, and a strengthened bond.

15 Ways to Step up Your Sex Game

There are a wide variety of games you can play with your partner that will have you both pulsating with passion. Exploring new experiences together will allow you to learn more about each other and yourselves. Discovering what you like and what you don't like will open up a new world of pleasure for you and your lover.

Check out the list below, and try any of the games that you feel will appeal to your comfort level or adventurousness.

1. Adult truth or dare

This is a simple and straight forward sex game to play with your partner as it follows the same rules as the classic game.

Start by asking, "Truth or dare?" If they say the truth, you can simply ask them an intimate question like, "What is the sexiest thing you have ever seen?"

If they say dare, then you can dare them to do something simple but sexy such as a striptease or showing a specific part of their body. This game is perfect for couples trying sex games together for the first time, as it will teach them more about each other and get them used to have fun with sexually stimulating activities.

2. The blind game

If you are looking for sex games free for couples, then the Blind Game is what you want. It doesn't require any special equipment, apart from something that can be used as a blindfold. There are a few ways to play this game, but this particular version keeps things simple. The only rule is that neither of you is allowed to see what the other is doing.

Use a blindfold or tie a scarf over both of your eyes, making sure neither one of you can see anything. Sit or lie naked facing each other, and begin to explore each other's bodies. The aim is to arouse them as much as you can. Cutting off one of your senses will heighten the others. You'll be more sensitive to each other's touch, and you will feel liberated by not being seen.

3. Play dress up

If you have never played role-play games and think that you might struggle with the imagination needed to do it effectively, you can try dressing up. You could buy sexy costumes or just be creative with the clothes that you have.

Dressing up can make it easier for you both to take on another persona. You don't have to strictly follow any script, but it is fun to plan on a particular plot. However, feel free to play it by ear and see where it takes you!

4. Roll bedroom dice

Bedroom dice can be purchased anywhere that sells adult toys and games. It's a good sex game for beginners to buy. There are different variations of bedroom dice, but most of them come as a pair.

One dice will have a different instruction on it such as lick, suck, kiss, etc. The second dice will have a different body part on each side: thigh, neck, navel, and so on. You can take turns rolling the dice for your partner to follow the directions the dice lands on, or you can roll them for yourself.

5. Stripper twister

Using a regular twister set, this game is spiced up when you have to remove an item of clothing on each spin. This is probably the most physically challenging of our selected sex games for couples, but it is so much fun finding out the positions you end up in.

This game will guarantee plenty of laughs and intimate contact, which is a perfect warm-up to something more intimate afterwards.

6. The path to pleasure

Board games are a great choice for couples who enjoy following detailed instructions. Specifically designed games allow for an immersive experience. You and your partner can get lost in the excitement of the game with no pressure of thinking of what you should do next.

Sex therapist Kimberly Jackson likes "The Path to Pleasure" (available to buy on Amazon for $9.16). She says, "Helps build desire and arousal through non-penetrative activities such as kissing, licking, rubbing, and chocolate sauce or whipped cream required."

7. Fantasy bowl

This game doesn't require any purchases before playing. All you need is paper, pencils, and a bowl. As the name suggests, you will each secretly write five of your fantasies on separate pieces of paper. Fold them tight and put all ten into the bowl. You'll take turns picking out a piece of paper and read it out loud.

Feel free to ask any questions or offer any explanations if necessary. A good tip is to include any little detailed instruction of something you know you would like your partner to try to do differently or do more of.

8. Blind man's bluff

This game is fun because you get to take turns blindfolding each other. When only one of you is blindfolded, it adds a different kind of excitement to the game. You're at the mercy of the other person who has the power to do whatever they want to any part of your body.

The bluff part refers to the teasing touches that your "opponent" will do to you until you scream that you surrender!

9. The position challenge

The Position Challenge is another one of our fun sex games that can be played in many ways with your own rules. The premise of the game is to see how many different sexual positions you and your partner can get into a game.

Make a list of the ones that you think will be the most adventurous, challenging, or intimate. Hopefully you'll learn that you love a new position that is not so common to you but feels so good.

10. Dirty "Would You Rather" questions

Just like the regular "Would You Rather" game, this sex game will have you asking your lover to choose between two different sexual acts or experiences. You can ask them questions like, "Would you rather have sex with a stranger or have a stranger in the room watching us have sex?"

A good tip for playing this game is to push the boundaries of your comfort levels with each question or include some of your most secret fantasies to see how your partner would react to hearing them.

11. Monkey see, monkey do

If you enjoy watching porn movies with your partner, why not watch porn with audience participation.

Monkey see, monkey do simply means you copy what the actors in your chosen porn movie are doing. Reenact the scenes and become your partner's real-life porn star.

12. Beginner's bondage

If you have ever been curious about bondage during sex, now is the time to try it! Beginner's bondage allows you to experiment with blindfolding, tying each other up, and teasing them with different kinds of stimulants. There are kits you can buy that come with instruction cards, or you could just do whatever you are comfortable with.

Take turns, and find out more about each other's sensitive spots and weaknesses. Remember to agree on a safe word beforehand, and leave an inch or two of space in the restraints you've tied in case one of you becomes uncomfortable in any way.

13. Download the app "Ohmibod"

This is an app for the technologically advanced couple. It can be used alone or with your other half. It connects to a variety of vibrators. It can be used for couples who are away from each other but still want to be able to connect physically and intimately, making it great for foreplay before you even see each other.

There are five different modes to choose from wave, rhythm, tap, touch, and voice. This app can even log your orgasms.

14. Fantasy fact vs. fantasy fiction

This is one of the sex games for couples that will allow you to share your fantasies and get to know each other better. The rules for this game are straightforward. You will each take turns describing to the other person three different fantasies. One of them will be an actual fantasy of yours while two of the fantasies will be made-up scenarios.

Your partner will have to guess which is fact and which are fiction. The act of describing the fantasies alone will have your partner getting hot and steamy before even being touched.

15. Simon says

Just like back in your school days (well not just like it, hopefully), "Simon says" means doing exactly what your lover tells you to do.

Whether you tell them to do something to themselves or to you, if Simon says it, you have to do it.

Be alert, though, because you must refuse to do anything which Simon didn't say you should do.

16. Sexy bedtime stories

If you want to make this really good, you can take time during your day to write this sexy story before reading to your bae at bedtime. The story can seem innocent enough at the beginning, with you telling a tale of a beautiful princess and a brave knight in shining armor. However, it should progress into detailed accounts of finding themselves in very sexy situations.

Let your imagination go wild while you read your adult fairy tales to each other before sending each other off to a post-climactic sleep.

Even if you and your partner are reserved or introverted people, you can still inject a little excitement into your sex life. Some of the games explained above will push you out of the comfort zone of the pattern of sex you and your lover have fallen into. Though some of the other games are milder but can be just as arousing.

Whether you're looking for sex games free for couples or you are happy to invest in something that will spice up your life, there's something here that's bound to tickle your fancy. Take your activities in the bedroom to another level by trying something new, and continue to enjoy the perks of the loving relationship you have.

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