Is It Love or Something Else? 10 Signs That You Love Someone

Human emotions are very complicated. At times, they can totally confuse us, especially in relationships. How do you know if you love someone? You can feel a variety of emotions towards someone, and they can vary all the time, so you can't really be sure what's going on. What to do when you experience mixed bodily and emotional signals? Is it love or lust? A lot of other emotions can be misinterpreted as love. Don't worry, because there are ways to find out if you truly love someone or not. The text below will approach this issue from a women's standpoint.

1. He Is Always on Your Mind

  • If you catch yourself daydreaming about spending time with him or if you constantly feel the urge to talk to him, that's one of the most obvious signs that you truly love him.

  • You can't concentrate on your obligations because you think about him. Thoughts about him just pop up in your mind out of nowhere, and you want to spend time with him instead of doing anything else.

  • You secretly hope that you will see him at a random place.

2. You Want to Talk to Him All the Time

  • Whether it is in the form of texting or talking in person, you always want to be in some kind of contact with him.

  • If you are constantly checking your phone, hoping to see his message, that's another obvious sign that your emotions are sincere.

  • If you are worried because he hasn't responded for a long time, or if you instantly smile when you see his reply, that's it- you love him for sure.

3. You Care About Your Looks More Than Before

  • You want to be pretty all the time, just in case you bump into him somewhere unexpectedly. You start choosing your outfits more carefully and you check your makeup frequently.

  • How to know if you love someone is easy if you literally do everything that you can to improve your looks because of that person. Of course, you should always take care of yourself, but that habit always increases if you want to impress and keep the certain someone interested.

  • You want to look better because you feel that he deserves someone perfect. Even if you know that he likes your personality, you want him to have a beautiful woman by his side.

4. You Care About His Needs

  • When you love a man, you cater to him and you cherish him in every way. If it was lust or something else, you would care only about yourself and your needs, not thinking about him in any way.

  • If you catch yourself that his needs are even more important than yours, be certain that you love him. It's in our nature to think about our own needs, and if there is that special someone that you would do anything for; you love him for sure.

5. You Think About Your Future With Him

  • You can't imagine a scenario in which you are happy without him. Although you know that you can live without him and be successful, you do not want to find anybody else but him.

  • You adjust your life goals so that they can correspond to his.

  • You imagine what your children would look like if you had them. How do you know you love someone? Just ask yourself if you would have a child with him. If the answer is yes, then you love him for sure.

6. You Want to Know Everything About Him

  • You enjoy finding out something about him that you didn't know before, even if that is just a tiny detail. You simply want to know everything- what is his favorite color, what are his habits, how he reacts to certain things, etc.

  • You want to understand him completely and you want to know all of his secrets.

7. You Want to Improve Your Relationship

  • Trust me, if your emotions were not serious, you would never think about improving yourself because of somebody else. By this, we do not mean that you should try to be something you're not or that you think that you are not good enough for him. You just want him to always enjoy your company.

  • You want to work on and better your communication.

  • If you want both of you become better people together, and if you want to improve your relationship more and more each day, you don't need to ask yourself if you love him or not, because you clearly do.

8. You Worry About Him

  • He has embarked on a business trip and you catch yourself worrying about his safety? There is no chance that you would worry about someone if love was not in question.

  • Whenever he has a problem, you are as worried as he is. You just don't want him to ever feel bad about anything.

9. You Want to Cheer Him Up

If you buy him little presents all the time, or if you do anything to pleasantly surprise him, that must be love. Why? Well, because when we love someone, we want him to feel happy all the time. So, if you can enhance the joy in him, you feel happier yourself.

10. You Don't Think About Anyone Else

  • If he is your only love fantasy and if you have no wish and intent to look at any other man, that's true love.

  • You consider him to be the prettiest and smartest person on the planet. No one is as perfect as he is, and even if you would have a chance to replace him, you wouldn't do so.


Love is beautiful, isn't it? It's a strong feeling, and it's not as common as people think it is. If you have found yourself in any of these situations or feelings described above, you don't need to ask yourself if you are in love with someone anymore. Love is about mutual respect and care, and it always changes you as a person in a good way. We all need love in our lives, because it's truly something essential. It is the key to true happiness.

Ana Djurovic
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