Pick-up Lines for Every Eye Color

The eyes are the first thing that we see when we look at a person. It's their most charming feature – the place where we seem to become lost the moment we gaze into them. When someone has beautiful eyes, you want to impress that person by using his/her most attractive feature.

However, not everyone is an expert when it comes to pick-up lines. This is why it is so convenient to come across someone who knows some pick-up lines that you can actually use. So, if you have a crush on someone with a beautiful eye color, here are some pick-up lines about eyes that they might find charming.

Pick-up Lines for Blue Eyes

Depending on where you live, blue eyes may be more or less common. They are often associated with the sky or the sea – with people saying they often "become lost" in them.

Choose a blue eyes pick-up line from here and make your crush's heart melt:

  • It's boiling outside, could you let me swim in your blue eyes?

  • I can see why you have blue eyes because you just BLUE my mind.

  • Your eyes are like an ocean – and darling, I'm lost at sea.

  • It's no wonder the sky is gray today. All the blue went into your eyes.

  • Are your eyes blue like the sky? Because even the sky looks pale in comparison to your eyes.

  • Are your eyes blue? Because I feel a tidal wave coming in my heart.

  • I think there might be something wrong with me because I can't seem to take my eyes off your blue ones.

  • I think God loved the color of the ocean so much that he decided to put it in your eyes.

  • Your blue eyes are like an ocean in which I can see all my dreams reflected.

  • I think it was hard for God to take all that crystal blue water out of the ocean and put it in your eyes.

Pick-up Lines for Black Eyes

Black eyes have always been regarded as the most mysterious. They have also been associated with the night and darkness.

So, if you have a crush on someone with this eye color, here are some black eyes pick-up lines that they will love:

  • Your eyes are like a black hole because I am falling deeply into them.

  • Your black eyes are like a dark room from which I never want to escape.

  • Your eyes are like midnight: mysterious and giving me a desire to see more of you.

  • If I look into your black eyes for more than a second, I swear to God, I will fall in love.

  • Your eyes are as black as a castle moat when midnight crosses. Lower the drawbridge and allow me to cross into your heart.

  • Fascinating. I kept looking in your back eyes all evening because I've never seen dark eyes that have so much light in them.

  • Do you have a map on you? Because I feel like I'm getting lost in that abyss.

  • You don't need jewelry, because your onyx eyes make you look more beautiful than ever.

  • Are your eyes a black hole? Because they keep pulling me in.

  • Your eyes are like black pearls: delicate and precious, yet irresistible.

Pick-up Lines for Brown Eyes

It might be one of the most underrated eye colors because it is so common. Still, brown eyes are associated with warmth and kindness. Here are some pick-up lines about eyes that are brown in color:

  • Are your brown eyes made of chocolate? Because I want to bite into you.

  • Are your eyes the color of pumpkin pie? Because I can't seem to get enough of you.

  • The only thing that your beautiful brown eyes haven't told me yet is your name.

  • Your eyes are like a second sun when light is reflected in them.

  • Did the sun come up in the sky, or did you just look at me with your light brown eyes?

  • Your eyes are like chocolate. They are difficult to turn away from.

  • Your brown eyes feel like a sunset. Inspiring, beautiful, and very difficult to turn away from.

  • I never feel the need to see the sun, because I look into your warm brown eyes and get all the light that I need.

  • Your eyes look so much like honey that I feel like a bear attracted to them.

  • You have lovely brown eyes. Does the world look any better through them?

Pick-up Lines for Green Eyes

Green eyes are quite rare, which is why so many people find them mysterious. Only about 2% of the population have green eyes, but those that have this color tend to express curiosity, intelligence, and mischievousness. Here are some pick-up lines for them:

  • Are your eyes the color green, like grass? Because I feel like I am falling for you.

  • I believe God took out the pigment from a leaf and then put it in your beautiful eyes.

  • I saw a beautiful green tree today and thought that it was the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. That is until I met you.

  • Your green eyes have so much power. They can instantly calm me down.

  • Are your eyes made of jade? Because you look so precious, I might just want to steal you.

  • It's hot outside, but when I look into your beautiful green eyes, I feel chills all over.

  • Your eyes are like a forest. I feel calm the moment I gaze into them.

  • The most beautiful jewel I've seen is the emerald in your eyes.

  • Do you have an interest in 50 shades of green? Because I believe that you are my lucky charm.

  • Your green eyes feel like pixie dust because I feel charmed just looking into them.

The Bottom Line

When in doubt, always compliment the eyes – you can never go wrong with that. Each eye color tells a story, so you should take advantage. Hopefully, our pick-up lines about eyes will prove useful.

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