Signs of Attraction: 10 Body Language Quirks That Reveal If She's Interested In You

Women communicate with much more than just words. A considerable part of it is non-verbal, delivered through gestures and slight changes in posture, which we call body language. And because this non-spoken communication is often subconscious, it can be a much more reliable gauge of what she is thinking and feeling than her words. This is why reading the body language that communicates if she likes you or not is a vital dating skill.

Body Language That Shows She Likes You

This article will give you 10 physical signs that show a woman is interested in you. Study them, and you will gain an edge, which will allow you to approach women with confidence in knowing you can accurately gauge the feedback.

1. Blushing

This one is well-understood – when slightly embarrassed in the presence of someone we are attracted to, humans have a reflex that expands the blood vessels of the face, giving the skin a warm, reddish glow. You might observe this when you catch a girl staring at you from across the room, or when you're talking to her directly. Either way, together with any combination of the signs given here, it's a sure-fire sign that she likes you.

2. Prolonged eye contact

It's not just a cliché that the eyes are the window to the soul. The eyes are the part of the face that cannot lie, and the truths they tell and are vital to communication. Eye contact is, therefore, a profoundly intimate affair that occurs when two people feel familiar and safe enough to give away their true feelings. If she locks eyes with you often in conversation, it means she is looking for validation and interest from you, as well as trying to communicate the same.

3. Open posture

The way we orient our bodies when talking is another valuable signifier of attraction. Our posture is our way of communicating using the entire body and betrays how open or closed we are to the other person. A girl who is attracted to you will have an open posture when talking to you – leaning forward, her body-oriented to face you. This shows that you have her full interest and attention, while the opposite is signified by a closed posture where she is turning or leaning away.

4. Constantly arranging her hair and clothes

Male or female, talking to someone we are attracted to causes self-consciousness. This can cause constant worrying about appearance – "Does my hair look good? Are my clothes straight? Is there something on my face?" are all worries that pop up. If you notice her continually fidgeting with her hair and clothes, it's a pretty good body language indicator that she likes you.

5. Head tilt

All humans have an asymmetry in how their senses work – for example, one ear will always be more sensitive than the other. When we want to hear what someone is saying, tilting the head closer is the most efficient way to favor that ear without rudely turning away. If a girl is tilting her head while looking straight at you when you are in a conversation, it is a sign that she is genuinely interested in what you have to say.

6. Heavy breathing

Breathing is another one of those involuntary activities that can easily give away how someone is feeling. It taps into the flight-or-flight reflex that comes with nervousness, and as we've already seen, some nervousness is a good indicator off the attraction. Pay attention to her breathing patterns as you speak – if she's into you, she will breathe shallow, fast and heavy.

7. Laughing at your jokes

Laughter is a universal sign of enjoyment, whether it's at something funny or to indicate how much of a good time a person is having. A person who is attracted to you will find these qualities intensified when they are with you. If she laughed even when you didn't intend to be funny, you could take that as an almost absolute indicator that a girl is attracted to you. Test this out by cracking an intentionally lousy joke and paying attention to how proportionate her reaction is.

8. Mirroring your gestures

When two people are genuinely in sync with each other, for example, during an engaging conversation, structures in both of their brains called mirror neurons activate in synchronized patterns. This manifests itself externally by subconsciously mirroring each other's movements. You can become mindful of this when engaging in a conversation with a girl you think is interested in you. Make a noticeable change such as scratching your nose, touching your ear or yawning. If, after a few seconds, she does the same, you can be reasonably confident that she is.

9. Physical contact

The more attracted someone is to you, the closer they will want to be. It doesn't get any closer than physical contact, and girls will often use it consciously and subconsciously to signify their attraction. Keep an eye out for the nature of the touch – some girls are naturally touchy and may be friendly. If, after watching her for a while, you notice that she escalates to touch with you more often or more intensely than with anyone else, you can be sure that she is into you.

10. Her personality changes when she's around you

All of us put on different faces for different people. Around most people, we tend to hide our quirks and unique parts of our personalities, but around people we share or want to create a bond with, those parts naturally come out. When a girl is interested in you, she will feel freer to express her true self when she's around you. Pay attention to how she behaves when she is around you compared to other people. If she seems happier, freer and comfortable enough to be a little silly around you, some attraction is definitely on the cards.

Putting It All Together

Now that you know the body language, which reveals that a girl likes you be sure to be attentive and use good judgment. Don't take just one of them as a sign – in isolation, some of these actions can indicate the lousy kind of nervousness, and overpressing in such a situation can get you labeled a creep. When you notice multiple signs at once, you can be more confident that there is attraction behind them. Finally, once you are certain about her feelings, don't waste the opportunity – use the confidence gained from your knowledge to make a move.

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