Signs to Know if a Girl Is Testing You

Relationships are a serious deal to most girls. When they start dating, they look forward to a long-term relationship. But a girl wouldn't simply give her heart out because if the two of you don't work out, she will end up getting hurt. No girl wants to experience that kind of heartbreak.

So she will test you to see whether you are worthy of her from the very beginning. A girl will try to test your commitment, responsibility, and also if you are boyfriend material or not. She also wants to see if you truly want to be with her or you are just interested in getting physical. Women don't like to admit, but most of them test men. To know how women test you, look for the signs mentioned in this article. Don't take it personally because she just wants to be sure about you before making a commitment.

How Do You Know if a Girl Is Testing You?

It is never quite easy to know if a girl is testing you. So how do you know if a girl is testing you? Well, the signs below will help you in figuring that out.

1. She plays hard to get

A woman plays hard to get mostly to see if you are willing to make the effort it takes to woo her, or if you'll bolt just after a few dates. Does she blow hot and cold in a span of a few minutes? Is she ditching you on dates and ignoring your messages? Chances are she is just not interested, or that she is testing to see how committed you are. It may get downright frustrating. But if you truly want it to work, you'll try to ease her insecurities by getting to know her better.

2. She asks about your past

When a woman asks about your past, she is not remotely interested most of the time. She just wants to know your own impression about the past relationships – how they ended, and whether you are regretful. She wants to know what kind of person you are, and whether you are serious about your relationship. So you better think before you answer, otherwise she will not give you a chance to continue seeing her.

3. She pays attention to other men

How do you know if a woman is testing you? Well, here it is. If she is paying attention to other men and complimenting them in front of you, she is trying to get you jealous. By doing so, she wants to see how you react. She wishes to see how much you care but overreacting may very well get her running in the opposite direction. If she wants to ignite your passions, show her your love and care in a way that she understands and doesn't push your boundaries again.

4. She refuses sex

There are a great many reasons a woman would refuse sex. She wants to know that you are not only physically attracted to her but like her as she is. She wants to move slowly and get to know you first. Some women consider every possibility before the relationship becomes physical. She definitely wants to know that you are the man who won't run away from the responsibility in case she gets pregnant.

There is another harsh reality that might be bothering her. Some men only want to use women to satisfy their needs and discard them when they have what they wanted. So understand her reasons and give her space to work it out. She will only have sex when she fully trusts you. So, it's better to build trust before you try to be intimate with her.

5. She responds late to your texts

If you feel a woman is brushing you off in her texts, like she responds late or says fewer words, there could be three reasons. One, she is exceptionally busy. Two, it is one of her tests that she throws at your feet. Three, she is not interested. However, if a woman is testing you, it is likely she wants you to make all the first moves and wants to test your patience. Also, she wouldn't want to appear too eager and desperate so she resorts to delayed responses. In that case, a little patience can go a long way in building trust and possibly a strong relationship.

6. She calls you when she is sick

Any woman must want to see if you are willing to take care of her. If you are worried and supportive when she needs you the most, she will definitely consider you worthy of her. If a guy is insincere, he will brush his hands off and stay away. It is a test that if you are hoping to have her, you must pass it. Bring soup and medicine and keep her company. As a result, she will surely fall for you.

7. She introduces you to her friends

Introducing friends is as final as meeting parents. It means your girlfriend accepts you as a part of her life and wants to introduce you to her social circle. She wants to see how you get along with them and get her friend's opinions. Naturally, her own opinions could be clouded by her feelings for you. To be certain that she has made the right choice, her besties come along to test you. Be ready!

8. She watches your manners

Even if life isn't a classic romance movie, she might judge you based on how you behave and treat her. Sometimes, girls want guys to be perfect gentlemen. For example, a gentleman holds the door open for a lady, moves a chair back for her to sit, or lends her his coat in cold weather. To some, it feels like a standard courting procedure, but to a girl, every move is heartfelt. It shows your love, care, and respect towards her. That is why she may favor your manners more than other qualities.

9. She asks about your future plans

A woman asking about your future may seem like a random question but it is also one of her tests. She would like to know about your dreams and goals. What you hope to achieve and what kind of life you want to build for yourself. A woman might also want to know where she stands in your future. If you are everything she wants in her partner, she will show signs she sees you as a potential boyfriend.

The Simple Reason Behind These Tests

It may sound like a poorly conducted school test, but trust me, she wants to be sure about you and your feelings for her before taking the next step. A mature woman knows what she wants, and she will test you in every way to see if you are boyfriend material or not. She will put you through a series of subtle tests. But how do you know if a woman is testing you? If you are truly interested in her and look out for the signs above, you'll be able to pass her tests without trying hard. After all, she simply wants to know whether you care about her and won't back out on her at any stage in life.

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