The Traits That Create Chemistry

We've all heard about the different kinds of attraction that two people can feel when they meet. The most commonly known are 'love at first sight' or 'chemical attraction.' The first is more of an immediate reaction you feel when seeing a potential mate for the first time, while the latter happens as you get to know each other. It's like an invisible magnetic force that pulls the two of you together.

The presence of good chemistry between people will predict the success of their relationship.

But how do you know if you and your date have good chemistry? Read below to find out what traits create chemistry in couples.

1. Mutual Physical Attraction at First Sight

Just like love at first sight, chemical attraction requires an immediate interest in the way the other person looks. There has to be an element of instant desire to ignite the spark that characterizes chemistry. It's this desire and physical attraction that will get you both to want to know more about each other and want to spend time together. If you've ever wondered what chemistry feels like for a man, they will undoubtedly say that physical attraction to the female is the initial element.

2. Readiness and Openness

For the chemical connection between two strangers to be established, both parties will need to be ready and open to connect on an emotional level.

Even if getting into a relationship wasn't on either person's mind, chemistry can still be felt as long as they are open and not opposed to getting close to each other.

If you've ever tried to play matchmaker and set up your single friend with a guy or girl that you believed they would have great chemistry with, only to have your friend leave the date with a definite 'No'. Then it's likely that they simply were not open to feeling any chemistry.

3. Mutual Interests

Mutual interests are one of the stitches that sew deeply bonded relationships together. It's hard to say that you have chemistry if you cannot derive pleasure from the same kinds of things. It's in the moments when you are doing what you're interested in, with the person you care about, that you get to enjoy some of the sweetest things that life has to offer.

The thought of going to watch the latest Marvel movie with my partner makes me extremely excited (even after so many years) because I know we will equally enjoy it. Watching a film that we have both always been interested in will give us lots to talk about. We will be bound to have a fun evening together laughing, and making more memories.

4. Sense of Excitement

Couples who have good chemistry are always excited to see each other. When they are apart, the magnetic attraction between two people will make them eagerly anticipate the time they will be back together. If there is something new and interesting to experience, they will be noticeably excited to share it with the person they are drawn to.

You might be able to recall seeing someone you know who is visibly excited to see their partner later and boasts to everyone; "It's date night tonight!" They will certainly have chemistry in their relationship.

5. Intimacy

Intimacy is a significant trait of chemistry between couples. Intimacy doesn't necessarily have to do with sexual attraction, either. Sexual attraction creates a desire for physical closeness, while intimacy creates a desire for emotional closeness.

When you see the two heads of a couple bowed closely together, whispering thoughts and feelings to one another, you can easily see their intimacy.

6. Easy Communication Without Fear of Being Judged

Good chemistry between people is apparent when they can easily communicate with each other. This is part of the reason that close couples will always say their partner is also their best friend. These kinds of couples feel comfortable talking about anything and will even share their secrets. The connection they have will allow them to feel safe enough to reveal things about themselves without fear of judgment. They also know that they won't ever judge their partner for anything they confess, either.

7. You Focus on Each Other

Two people that have chemistry tend to focus on each other intently. When they are together, you'll see them always looking at or touching each other.

You'll know that you have chemistry with someone if you want to give them all of your attention when you're together. When they talk to you, you will provide them with eye contact and keenly listen to what they're saying. Even when you're out in public, it's almost like you're in a world of your own, and no one else exists.

8. Similar Personalities

In addition to having interests in common, when there's a magnetic attraction between two people, you'll notice that they'll have similar behavior patterns or personalities. It's rare to see a football jock with a shy, introverted girl. If you do see it, it'll mean that there's something hidden in their personalities that they have something in common that others can't see. It could be that the jock has a shy introverted part of his personality that he has been able to reveal to the girl.

9. There'll Be Playfulness and Teasing

The intense feelings and excitement of being around each other will manifest in lots of playful behaviors or teasing. Guys enjoy teasing the girls they like because they enjoy making the girl feel something. Whether it's embarrassment or amusement, they want to see that they can coax a reaction out of you. This kind of playful teasing is never to cause offense or hurt your feelings, but to keep your attention on them and to build closeness between you.

You and your partner will undoubtedly have chemistry if you find yourselves lightly pushing each other, giving each other cute or silly nicknames, imitating each other, or acting in any other comically immature way.

10. Time Flies By

They say that time flies when you're having fun. You'll notice that time also flies when you are with the person to whom you have a chemical attraction.

You're able to sit together in comfortable silence, thoroughly enjoying their presence and companionship, or you can talk for hours on the phone. A weekend spent together will pass faster than you would like, and before you know it, you'll be sad at having to be apart again. These are the traits of the kind of chemistry between people that goes beyond infatuation and can create a long-lasting, loving relationship.

Final Words

It can be tricky to tell if you and the person you're dating have the kind of attraction to each other that will make for a successful relationship.

Merely thinking that the other person is 'hot' doesn't mean that you won't soon grow bored with each other. We can't predict the future, and it's impossible to guess how the person you're attracted to might change.

However, looking out for the traits that create chemistry between a couple could help you to know whether it's worth your time to continue seeing someone, or to call it quits because you now know that a good relationship probably won't come from it.

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