Top 10 Ways on How to Get over a Breakup

Sustaining a relationship needs commitment which may be difficult at times. On the other hand, getting over a breakup might prove to be tougher. It doesn't matter whether you are the one who was dumped or you dumped your partner. Getting over a breakup is never an easy thing. At such a time, a person may feel overwhelmed with different emotions and sometimes doesn't know how to deal with them. This article will provide some practical ways to get over a breakup.

Best Tips on How to Get over a Breakup

Many times you find yourself crying behind closed doors, and you do not know how to get over a breakup. The following tips will help you recover from a breakup.

1. Accept the empty feeling

You will have an empty heart once you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It is normal to feel angry, sad and frightened, and any other connected emotions. It is okay to cry and feel the emptiness as you try to accept the grief if you want to forget about him or her and move on.

2. Cut off all contacts

Cutting off all communications is one of the best methods how to get over a breakup. This means no phone calls, no emails, no text messages, and no social media messages. It also includes not seeing each other, nor their friends or family members. Cutting all communication will give you emotional clarity and block emotional triggers. It is best not to engage your emotions by trying to communicate with your ex.

3. Create an ex-free environment

Remove any painful memories that remind you of your ex and keep you from moving on. There are many memories that you two had together, and you hold them, dear. It is time to get rid of them, whether they be places, food, sound, people, events, songs, or smell? Keeping fond memories won't give you closure; you need to forget about the past and focus on the future. However, you might find it difficult to throw away expensive jewelry or gifts given by your ex; there is probably no problem in keeping these! Consider having a "breakup box" to store your memories until you have emotionally recovered from the breakup.

4. Get out and do things

During times of breakups, there is no need to stay indoors and cry your eyes out. Go out and do something; there is life out there. Make plans with your friends to go out and have fun. Get that new outfit, haircut, or shoes that you always want, or better yet, transform yourself with a different style. Getting out and doing something is essential because you need to be happy again by enjoying the freedom life has given you. Additionally, keeping your mind engaged will help forget the bitterness attached to your breakup.

5. Beware of rebound of relationships

Is getting over a breakup and instantly getting into a new one right? This is a rebound relationship and is usually not a good idea. A rebound relationship is where you get into a new relationship too soon without allowing yourself to recover emotionally from your previous one. Most of the time, you are likely to mask your pain by throwing yourself into a new relationship without really thinking. The bad news is, if the new relationship doesn't work, you will have to deal with two breakups. It is advisable to recover from the first before considering dating again. And if you are seeing someone, take it slowly.

6. Take a break from your normal routine

You might find it useful to take a break for a while from your normal routine after a relationship ends. Have this time to grow yourself and get some emotional relief from the heartbreak. For instance, you can take a short vacation, go to your favorite coffee shop, go hiking, take yoga classes, go to the spa or try something new to make yourself happy.

7. Seek friends for help

Breakups can make you feel worthless, and it can feel like you do not deserve love again. Grieving in seclusion will help but better still, surround yourself with people who love you and understand you more than anybody else. These people are your close friends and family; they will help you easily recover from your breakup. They will remind you that you are a good person by lifting your spirit once again. You might find it easier to move on when your family and close friends are with you, so do not be afraid to ask them for help.

8. Allow yourself to cry

Crying is one of the ways how to get over a breakup. Don't suppress your feelings, because later on, you may suffer from an emotional meltdown. It is normal to cry or to feel sad, angry, or confused. Allow yourself to grieve by screaming, crying, yelling or anything that will get rid of your emotional pains. Cry yourself out until no more tears are left.

9. Keep a journal

Put your emotional pain, thoughts, and feelings on paper to help you reflect on your experience and make peace with the past. You can write him/her heartbroken letters to express how you feel but don't send them. You can also write things that make you happy or grateful regarding your broken relationship.

10. Be honest with yourself

The breakup happened for a reason, and in one way or another, it was meant to be. Stand by your decisions to move on and do not try to get your ex back. The best thing to do is to accept the mistakes that led to the breakup.

The Final Word

Recovering from a breakup can be difficult. But with proper channels, many people can move on with their lives. In case you do not know how to get through a breakup the above tips will help you. Also, if you find it difficult to handle it yourself, consider asking a therapist for help.