Twin Flame Love - Signs of Supernatural Encounter and Relationship Stages

Only a few lucky ones get to experience twin flame love in a lifetime. It is even rarer than meeting a soulmate. While both refer to highly spiritual encounters and love much more profound than others, finding the other half of your soul is truly transformative.

A soulmate is your ideal partner, a person who is part of your spiritual family. Each of us has one or more soulmates. They can be close friends, family members, or even former partners. A twin soul, however, is unique. It is the other half of your soul. According to Greek mythology, Zeus decided to divide a whole soul in two, one with feminine energy and the other with masculine energy. The purpose of twin souls is to reunite and help each other evolve.

You might wonder, "how do I recognize my twin soul?" In this article, we will tell you about the most common twin flame signs. If you happen to meet the other half of your soul and develop a romantic relationship with this person, you'll also need to know about the stages of your cosmic relationship.

8 Signs You've Found Your Twin Flame

1. You feel you have known this person forever

When you meet your mirror soul, you have a very intense and familiar feeling. It's not that you know things about them instantly, but you do feel very comfortable without good reason. When you also get a chance to talk, you discover numerous similarities between the two of you.

2. You act like mirrors of each other

Your twin flame can reflect your interests, thoughts, strengths, and weaknesses. In other words, everything you might have spent your life running from is right in front of you, and you have to confront it. The purpose of the mirror effect is to heal not only your wounds but those of your twin soul's as well.

3. You find it easy to read them

When you are around your mirror soul, you can stop analyzing them because you know how they feel and what they are thinking. It's something that you don't even have to consciously do. Some dare to call this an almost telepathic connection.

4. You feel energized without reason

When you reunite with your twin soul, you feel revitalized. You feel like you have the energy needed to solve everything in your life and more. People describe not being able to sleep after meeting their mirror soul because they were too excited and full of energy.

5. You don't talk about superficial topics

Forget about making small talk with your twin soul. With them, you don't talk about the weather or silly topics. Your discussions are meaningful. They are about life, hopes, dreams, and of course, traumas.

6. You two are the embodiment of yin and yang

In other words, you two balance each other. When one is patient, the other may be a little antsy. When one is an extrovert, the other one may be an introvert. Overall, your dark side is balanced by its light side and vice versa.

7. Your connection is intense from the start

Even if you try to find a reasonable explanation for how drawn you feel to this person, you can't. Regardless of how many rational reasons you have to like this person, they are still not enough to explain the intensity of your feelings. This is how twin flame love feels.

8. You feel safe in their presence

Numerous individuals who found their mirror soul describe a feeling of safety and security that feels like "home" when they are around them.

The Eight Stages of a Twin Flame Love Story

1. You feel incomplete all of a sudden

Even before you meet your twin soul, you start to feel like something is missing from your life. A stronger feeling of emptiness may cause your discomfort from time to time. Ideas such as finding a person to fill that void start crossing your mind.

This sensation could push you towards solving some of your problems or improving yourself. What this means is that you start preparing to meet the other half of your soul.

2. You start an intuitive search

During this stage, you start an intuitive search for someone. You might even take up new interests or travel, for example, all steps that will lead you to meet your twin soul. When you do cross paths, it could be in person, in a dream, or even in a picture. The first time you meet them, you might not be together for long, but you will instantly feel an inexplicable magnetism. In case it does happen in a dream, it is only announcing the physical presence of your mirror soul in your life.

3. You fall madly in love

This is one of the sweetest and scariest stages of twin flame love. You will feel a sort of love deeper than anything else you have felt before. You will experience very intense feelings of infatuation, excitement, happiness, and desire. They will be so intense that they will most probably scare one of you off. However, that will not be the end of your connection, even if there will be no continuation at that moment.

There are cases when mirror souls meet, and they break things off, to meet again sometime in the future and continue what they started.

4. You experience euphoria

If the time is right and none of you backs off from a romantic relationship, you will both experience euphoria. It is a dream-like period during which you'll have to pinch yourself to know you're not dreaming. Also, people who have already met their twin soul and live a love story with them describe physical contact as otherworldly.

Even so, the so-called honeymoon period will end when the two of you will start thinking about the future and notice possible obstacles. When you start setting boundaries and thinking about your limitations, you will unavoidably engage in conflicts.

5. You face challenges

Although there is supernatural compatibility between mirror souls, this doesn't mean that conflicts won't occur. On the contrary, any insecurities, fears, traumas, and shadow issues that you and your other half might have will become apparent.

Also seen as a test, this stage is all about going from unconditional love to emotional purging. You will each become the mirror for each other's flaws. The challenge here is to both see what's happening and stop your relationship from becoming dysfunctional.

6. You might chase or be chased

You and your twin soul will play the game of cat and mouse when one of you decides your interaction is too intense, and they back off. Usually, the person who is less mature and less spiritually evolved will leave the relationship or try to distance themselves. The other person, often called the chaser, will recognize this incredible bond and will pursue the other. This process can take between days and years. There's no telling when the runner will finally be ready to face such rare intimacy.

7. You will surrender

Twin flames are meant to be, so at some point, both of you will realize that strong forces are pulling you together that you cannot fight. Neither of you will feel the need to have control over every aspect, and you will let go of your differences. Most often, the differences that occur are about the negative feelings you have about yourself, which are reflected by your mirror soul, and vice versa.

This stage releases you from past anxieties and encourages you both to focus on personal development in a safe place, where there is no judgment.

8. You will reunite

The honeymoon phase is not much different from the reunion stage. After growing spiritually and solving your differences, you can cultivate the feelings you first felt for each other. You will focus on the pure connection you once had and enjoy it without the burdens that caused the separation. You will feel peaceful, safe, accepted, and understood, and you will make your other half feel the same.

Look out for the twin flame signs listed above to make sure you recognize the other half of your soul when you finally meet. Try to contain your excitement when you do, and focus on breaking all walls of insecurities that might lengthen your chaser/runner stage.

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