What Are the Signs of a Man Falling in Love?

Men and women sometimes have different ways of expressing their affection. Women can be very open with what is on their minds and in their hearts. This leaves men at an advantage when navigating love. However, men can be quite unaccustomed to expressing their feelings openly. They may get tongue-tied or not even be able to understand what they're feeling, much less communicate it.

On the other hand, men are doers more than talkers. He may be speaking to you very plainly through his actions. If you're trying to find out if a man loves you, you may need to look for these signs a man is falling in love.

1. He tries to protect you

Protectiveness is a basic instinct for men. This reaches a new level when a man is falling in love. You will find him being hyper-conscious of things like where cars are in a parking lot to make sure he stands in the way of any traffic. He might place himself between you and strangers if he finds them threatening. Look for signs of extreme vigilance when you're around.

2. He wants to spend time with you

Is he suddenly finding your personal hobbies interesting? If you find him wanting to take part in activities he's never had an interest in, it's likely you who are holding his interest. It's even more likely to be love if he genuinely starts enjoying these new activities.

3. He considers you as a priority

People all have their priorities, and you won't always be at the top of everyone's list. After all, they do have their own concerns to deal with. But you may be finding more and more often that you are the number one priority for your guy. If you find whatever you need to be the most important thing of the moment for him again and again, it's likely his love for you that is motivating him.

4. He starts leaving his messes everywhere

Here's a sign you might not be too pleased about. In fact, you might want to nip this behavior before it gets too well-entrenched. Maybe your guy has stopped being so fastidious around you – kicking his shoes off under the table, tossing clothes near the laundry basket, or not cleaning up his dishes.

Well, the bad news is that he's doing it. The good news is that he is likely falling in love. Showing you his real, less-than-perfect side means he is getting more comfortable and secure around you. So, at least you know he's in love, even if he is obnoxious at times.

5. He plans for the future and you are part of it

A willingness to commit is one of the clearest signs a man is falling in love with a woman. Men can be very averse to commitment. To them, they are limiting the possible choices of their future. For a man to feel confident that whatever that future is must include you is a terribly clear sign of love.

6. "I" has become "we"

Listen to his words during a normal conversation. Does he says things like "I want to do this", or "I like horror movies"? That's normal speaking. Listen for if he starts saying "we" more often instead.

On the surface, it sounds like he is including you in his thoughts. And that is true. It is a good sign already. It may also mean he is starting to think of "we" as one thing. "We love pizza" can mean more than merely an agreement on food.

It can be a game-changer when his thoughts shift in this direction. That kind of closeness can rarely exist without a good amount of love driving it.

7. He ignores other girls or treats them with an indifferent attitude

Guys are very visual creatures. They tend to look at women as potential mates without even doing so consciously. But when they feel they might have found the one to love, the other girls in the world may just fade away to them and stop catching their eye.

Don't be alarmed if you do catch your guy peeking occasionally. As mentioned, it is in their nature. But if you find the opposite is true, this is a very positive sign.

8. He shows his vulnerable side to you

If you find yourself wracking your brain with the question "is he falling in love with me?", then ask yourself this: have you truly seen him vulnerable? If you indeed have, congratulations. There is one thing men fear, and that is showing weakness in front of anyone.

Only when he feels safe doing so with you, you are the rare exception. He loves you and trusts you enough to really see him, even when he is not so strong.

9. He introduces you to important friends or family

Guys are pack animals at heart. They hunt in packs, they relax in packs, and they trust the people in their pack. And love is a scary thing for guys. They might seek some reassurance before they make the leap. When they do that, they'll turn to friends, family, or both.

If you find him talking quietly with them about you, consider this a good sign. He's likely just making sure his heart is in the right place, as he wants to make a more serious commitment.

10. The gross stuff doesn't bother him

One of the most obvious signs a man is falling in love is when he handles the gross stuff in stride. Let's be honest - no one wakes up with their hair and makeup perfect. No one dresses perfectly every day. No one is happy and healthy every day.

The reality of life is that we all have our less-than-perfect and even gross moments. If he's in love, that's just par for the course. He'll hold your hair when you're sick, bring you special treats when you feel awful, and love you no differently no matter how bad a day you're having. That's love.

11. He wants to see your family

Meeting his family might be a big step in your relationship, but it is nothing compared to when he agrees to meet your family. To men, this is a huge step in a relationship.

Meeting family, to a man, means letting your family get to know him and measure him up as a potential permanent part of your life. If he agrees to meet them, he is definitely thinking seriously about you two. He's not likely to do that unless he's in love.

12. He's always looking in your eyes

Fun fact: men are very visually oriented creatures. It's one of the reasons men have trouble controlling the urge to check out other women. But you should also know it's important where he is looking when he looks at you, not just that he is.

If he's looking at your body, then good - he still thinks your beautiful and desires you. But if you catch him staring into your eyes all the time, that is love. Your guy is trying to look at you, not just your body.

Learning to Read a Man

It can be tricky to interpret at first, but there are signs a man is falling in love once you know what to look for. The trick is learning to read his body language and interpret his actions instead of focusing on his words. But with some practice, you'll be able to tease apart what he really means.

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